Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Getting to know another girl cousin.

Know what's fun?  Finding out you have a girl cousin who you have never really "met" who is just your age and just your style.  
Enter Emily!
After our Thanksgiving festivities, Emily ended up staying with us for the night.  We decided to make a little girl trip out of it and went Black Friday, I mean Thursday night, shopping.  First Michael's.
Then... Ulta.
And of course, we don't hardly go to town anymore without stopping in IHOP for a little hot chocolate.

These two best buds were giggly and silly and just had a blast together.
We introduced Emily to the finer things in life, like heavy whip cream on your hot cocoa!  ha

And how to drop an ice cube in it so you can sip it with a straw without scalding the roof of your mouth.
In case you were wondering, the Groves house is CHRISTMATIZED!!
Not sure if I shared this or not, but this is one of the ornaments I made with the big Thanksgiving bunch.
And Luke and Lola have made their debut!
Christmas art classes have ensued....

And my Christmas cards are even addressed and awaiting return address labels to go out tomorrow!!
(Same place.  Same agenda.  Different night.)

Is there a self help group I can join to help me with this?!
Having a merry holiday!  Hope you are too.  Picking up Mary Allison tomorrow, as she finishes her finals at LSU, and we are getting away for a little rebooting!!  Stay tuned for more on THAT!  (and she is coloring this God awful hair!)



Unknown said...

Oooh, a getaway to reboot! Too bad it's not a Friday, you could pick me after you pick up MA! Can't wait to see pics and read about it.
The girls are adorable, as always :)

Mama J said...

A little MO and MA goes a long way when you think of fun and laughter. Enjoy your time together!

Becky said...

wish I was 1/10th as organized as you are...Love the hot choc pix