Saturday, November 8, 2014


I have no idea what this book is about.  I just saw it on my Instagram feed and thought it looked neat. I have been buying books lately like a mad woman!  And I have no idea when I think I'll find the time to read them!  But I love having them.  Anybody else have this sickness?!
Now this one.... yeah.  I read it weekly!!  I am currently running a mastermind group with all businesswomen this go round.  We are studying these laws.  And they have been great!!  This is one of my favorite John Maxwell books.  I have been thinking about hosting an online mastermind group where you get a code to call in and be a part of the study.  I used this book to work with my own company, and then again with two local businesses, and I think the principles taught in this book are profound and can affect change in anyone's life... if they are ready to do the work.  Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in a weekly call in group.  Or you can email me at
I swear... this is ME!!!
A random "groves girls" photo.  I think this is so my girls' personalities.  Ellie all cool and aloof in her tweenage get up.  Gabbi Girl, holding a PB&J, in her Rainbow Dash sweater!
I'm guessing this was taken on a Monday!  That is Gabs's dance day, and I try to make it easy on DeeDee by already having her in a bun!
Of course, this is very much Gabs too!!  In her happy place with her animal asleep right on top of her.  This baby is an animal freak!!
And here we have the coffee cups that I suppose Todd the Bod buys at Sam's.  It is what we drink coffee out of every morning.  Sorry for you conservationists.  It just is what it is.  He even buys the little disposable lids.   I L.O.V.E. my morning coffee.  I'd venture to say that making it and sipping it is one of my favorite times of the day.
This is a new book I am reading and learning about.  One of my favorite things to teach about is people's individual strengths, so they can feel empowered and energized in their work and life.  This book seems to be more spiritual in nature, but still very much reminds us that we are each fearfully and wonderfully and UNIQUELY made, and we should relish our differences!!
Ok.  Did I just see where they photocopied a photo onto a fabric leaf?!  What the WHAT?!
Hmmmm... I like it!!  And did I mention that I will be in Seattle this coming weekend?!  I just found out myself yesterday!  There was a course that I wanted to attend there, but Todd never would get it scheduled.  I finally figured he just didn't really want me to go.  Well, I got home and saw my itinerary on the counter!  SO..,. if you are in Seattle,  HOLLA!
Enjoying randomness!!  It is how my mind actually works best.  OH.  I also started Christmas decorating today.  Talk about a lot os STUFF!!  That's ok.  I have help.  We should get it knocked out in about a week.  I'm not even kidding!!  Have a great Sunday!



Mama J said...

I should know better to read your blog early in the morning. My brain fries a little when I peruse your goings and comings. I did that for so many years (not to the MO extent) that my year or so of being retired has me in a more relaxed state of mind. I believe that is ok tho. I am enjoying it. I do wonder if you will suffer from PTMS as you reach my age. Post Traumatic Mo Syndrome Love and appreciate all you do for others Mo.

Unknown said...

So excited to see your Christmas stuff all up :) im so jealous, debating on a tree in the kitchen...
Loved your candy corn nails!