Friday, November 7, 2014

A little of this and a little of that.

If anyone were to go through my phone, they'd be shocked to see the extremely varied things that I take a picture of!!  I have no idea where I find most of it.  Sometimes Pinterest.  Sometimes FB.  Sometimes from emails I get daily.  Who knows.... but here are a few. 
(and of course, it is much closer than this now!)
Some precious "gifts" Gabbi Lou found for me in the yard.  She and DeeDee were on a daily walk with Lizzie Girl, and Gabs brought these treasures home.
And speaking of treasures.  Have ya'll seen those stuffed animals that can be rolled into a total ball?!  Well, we have the unicorn version.  The girls also want the Pajanimals and Snackeez, both "as seen on TV".  They are suckers for those commercials!

This is pretty funny!
ANd I tend to answer my friends' texts with pictures of myself doing the emoji signs instead of the signs themselves!  Not sure why.  Oh, wait!  Yes I DO know... cause I think I'm hilarious!  hahaha
Ellie tries to use block letters when doing her homework.
I love this pic of me and Gabs.  I love that the sun was setting in our faces.  And that we were on the trampoline.  I love it so much that I used it in my Gratitude Journal.... which I also love!  :)
The cottage was brimming with flowers this fall!!  The spring/ summer flowers were KICKING through all of October.  AND we added mums, so now there are lots and lots of flowers making my cottage so happy.
Have I said it before?!  Probably so, but I am going to say it again... I am SO glad that I decided to move the cottage here to live with us.  I don't think that trying to recreate it or building a totally new one would have given me as much pleasure as this one has.  It is just right.
Well, that was totally random!  I'll try to write every day this weekend.  TRY!



Amy K said...

Random is good. I absolutely love your cottage, inside & out!
I have to show my husband the cow screenshot. He'll get a kick out of that.

Becky said...

Your girls are getting so big!!! And my girls love the snackeez too! And they want the animal you can hide stuff in...

Unknown said...

I love the random posts :)

snekcip said...

Hey MO!! It's been awhile since I been here! I got to say...SNACKEEZ and that STUFFY ANIMAL are on Christmas list here too.