Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My girlies. And my hairdresser?!

Having a home full of girlies is never dull!  First, Gabs wanted to buy these rainbow bangs at Target the other day!  And the things about having Halloween gear in the stores so early means that my kids get to BEG their mama for more than one costume!!  We'd already decided on Gabs as gypsy and Ellie as Cleopatra.  UNTIL we were in Target (Gosh, I LOVE that place!) and found Elsa and Anna!  
Girls also have a great big ol' imagination!!
I do believe they were hiding from me here.  And I am in the bed, taking this pic.  So, let's just say it wasn't too hard to "find" them.

And then, of course, you get free hairstyling!
Here, Ellie, in her full on gypsy attire, decided I needed to sport the one-sided bun action.  Nice, huh?!
And then, she nearly scalped me when she wanted to go with the "Half up, half down" style!
And sister don't play!  She was yanking my head around every which way!  She definitely needs to consider something OTHER than cosmetology school!  She might injure someone!
And then, I'd hold my phone in front of me, and she'd say, 'Tilt your head down, mom.  I need to see the top."
A little more teasing... aaaaannnddd...
Yep.  Life with girls is NEVER dull!



Mbeaty19 said...

I was just like Ellie when I was a kid. My poor mom went through a lot of those same head poses. Sad I don't have little girls that will return the favor to me. Every so often though my 4 yr old thinks he knows just how to style mommy's hair. The joys of motherhood are endless aren't they

Unknown said...

Love getting my hair "done" too! I love those bangs, saw them on Ellie on fb.

Jennifer Perkins said...

Too funny :-)
I'm sure you felt like you were in the fancy hair studio at Disney.

Amy K said...

Great post! My 21 year old still loves to play with my hair, and I love that she still does it!