Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The rock wall!

Let's move along, shall we?!
Here we have what is referred to as the "Vertical playpen".
Note that there is a "platform" right there above Beth's hands.  It goes from a slight slant (verrrry slight!) to straight up vertical.
Beth, who was a nervous wreck on the hipline, scaled this sucker like a little spider monkey!
I don't believe she'd ever done a rock wall before, but to watch her, one would think she had one in her backyard at home!
And then came Kelly... she pretty much flew up that wall too.  My team was in GO mode!
Here is Debbie, my buddy from Colorado.  She is JinJin's age and well... the old saying, "It ain't no step for a stepper" comes to mind.  She didn't even blink.  And don't get me wrong... it was NOT easy!  But, I guess after having to step off into the wild blue yonder on the zip line, everyone just though this one required more true grit than actual overcoming fear.

You go, girl!

For me the fear came in when that 110# guide of ours used his body weight and a pulley type system to lower each person down.  I was thinking, "That boy better go eat a couple of pork chops before he thinks about lowering me down!".  I mean... he was skinny.
Robin joined the wall while Debbie was descending.
And then SpiderMan took a turn!!  David scaled that sucker like no big thang!  Made it only a few feet from the top.

On a second wall, he and Beth would make it ALL the way to the top.  We were cheering and clapping from below, and they made it to the top platform and hugged it out.  It was sort of emotional for all of us.

Kelly (middle) was in my boat, with fatigued arms and a need for a break.  That's Dorothy on the right and Deb on the left.  We were out in the middle of a clearing in the woods, so we were happy to see this little rest spot.  Tomorrow, I'll show you MY trek up the wall and where I made a very definite decision to stop.  And WHY!!
Stay tuned.  It's gonna get good!!



Unknown said...

You are brave or that weekend was POWERFUL, because I couldn't do it! I would do/try the climbing before the zip line, no way! Can't wait for tomorrow's blog. Laughed out loud when I read the pork chop comment! Lol

Holly said...

You is brave girl!

Emily G said...

I can hardly wait for the next post....I am LOVING following this brave journey of yours!