Thursday, September 25, 2014

My turn on the rock wall. Celebrating the platform.

 And now it is my turn.  My teammate, David, grabbed my phone to snap a few pics of me, as I had sort of voluntarily become the team's photographer!!  Thanks, David, for getting this documented.
 For whatever reason, I wasn't really worried about this one.  I thought I'd probably struggle a little because of my weight, but didn't know how much that would limit me.
 And for sure, I didn't know how high I could even expect to go.  I know that because of my personality, I tend to shoot for the TOP.  Always thinking that, well, ok, if there's a wall, and the purpose is to climb it, then certainly the ultimate purpose is to climb all the way up it.
 Just like that "stupid thing" on my first Sojourn posts.  When I was in line for the zip line and was looking back at it... remember?!  I was thinking then, too, "So what's the big deal? Just climb up, walk over, and come down".  Ummm hmmm....
 Actually, I soon learned what the "big deal" was!!  That stupid thing (which will be the next post) proved to be the HARDEST obstacle of all.  And I , with my visionary mindset, was failing to appreciate all the little steps it would take to finish that piece of the course.  Once I was on it, I could TOTALLY appreciate all the people in my life who take my big ideas and break them down into bite sized bits so they can actually be accomplished.  And my impatience often gets in the way of my acknowledging them!  For that, I am sorry.
 So, once I made it to the "platform" of the rock wall, I stopped.  My team was cheering me on and asking, "Is there anything else", which was pretty much our mantra of the weekend, and I went right back into "D" mode.  (D is the dominant, direct, decisive, quick, big picture quadrant of the DISC profile for personality types.  And it pegs me perfectly.  In fact, when I took it a year or so ago, I was a 99% D!  That's not leaving much room for ANYTHING else!)
 I responded to their cheers and went up a couple more knotches.

 And then, I came right back down!  I needed to STAND on that platform and APPRECIATE that it was a success in itself.  Just because it wasn't the TOP didn't mean it wasn't relevant or good.
 I relished that spot for a moment, hollered down at my team, "I'm stopping here.  I met my goal."  And then started to go right into paratrooper mode.  ha.
 I had a MAJOR epiphany on this wall and while looking at the "stupid thing".  I do this with every aspect of my life.  I think I don't want to lose 10#.  Much less 2!  I want to lose 80#!  So, when I only lose a few, I self sabotage and start creeping back up... typically mad, proud, aggravated, impatient... ALL negative emotions (which will certainly beget MORE negative consequences).
 I do it financially.  I have "the number" that I'd like to have in the bank or ready for me when I retire. But... what am I putting in monthly or even weekly to get me to that goal?!  notta.  I just keep plugging for that BIG WIN!  Not a smart idea, Mel!
 So this course taught me to stop and smell the roses.  Try to go hard, but remember that all big dreams require thought out plans and mini successes along the way which need to be acknowledged!  Today, I stepped on the scale and had lost 3#.  I chose to drink water one time instead of a soda.  I ordered a salad at one meal.  I only ate a taste or two of the girls' delicious fair food two nights ago! I ordered a book to help me look at my body's chemistry and see what might be best for me.  And I went to the doctor to have a physical and complete bloodwork to see my "before" make up.
Those are SIX small victories which are all heading me straight toward success. This is a quote I will be looking at often!

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
That's really it.  In the words of Finding Nemo (I think it was Dori, actually), "just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming."  
And so I will... I am advancing... slowly but surely.  


Unknown said...

Great accomplishment, again. Right there with you on the weight loss and small accomplishments can make a big one! We just have to keep swimming :)

Emily G said...

Love this insight Mel! Those are some really BIG "little" steps you are making.....keep it up girl, some of us may just be following your lead ;)

Mbeaty19 said...

I've been loving these posts these past few days. It truly is amazing how 'simple' tasks reveal so much about ourselves. I've been to many leader training events and I'm always amazed by what I discover about myself at them. I've learned that while I might not always take the leader role I always take a motivator role. I've learned that I tend to put roadblocks into my path because I over think. Most important though I've learned that to reach your goals sometimes you need to lean on others.
Reading this post today really hit home with me like many of your others. So often I found myself focusing too much on that 'big picture' and not the steps along the way. More recently I have begun to appreciate the 'small' picture that will get me to the 'big' picture. Seeing the insight that the 'stupid thing' brought out in you makes me think that your path is clearing and your journey is developing. Cherish the little things and you'll continue to do the big things. God's plan is in work and he's placed 'angels' in your life to help you do great things. Keep it up!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mel, been following and this one most definitely opened my eyes. I am one to get frustrated because I set my goals so high and when a "small" obstacle tends to make me stumble, I want to stop and think it can't be achieved. I've got to learn to make small goals

Kathryn said...

I am very proud of you. The picture I like best is that one of you leaning against the wall after reaching your goal and coming down. You know why? You rested. You stopped and savored. This is something you really lose sight of on occasion. A wink of savor isn't enough. A deep, long, breath of savor, and the resulting look around is what we all must do daily. Hooray for you!

Unknown said...

Continue... Smaller goals so that I can accomplish the bigger picture. Thank you for being so brave and your insight!

Jeni said...

Mo - with all that you do I am suprised you are not a twig!

I am with you on losing a few and getting frustrated. Keep the posts coming you are an inspiration to all of us!

Amy K said...

This post was the best! Such thoughtful insight and reflection. I'm so proud of you, and inspired, as someone who is deathly afraid of heights.
Something I also need reminding of, is to celebrate those little things that get us to the big things.
Thanks for sharing. I'm here, celebrating your accomplishments with you, from afar. You go girl...Keep on, keepin' on!

Mama J said...

Very proud of you and your accomplishments. You provide such inspiration and encouragement to so many. I most likely would still be hanging in mid air somewhere..JS

Unknown said...

Loved this blog. I don't know that I would have even attempted the wall. A defeated attitude. I think you kept reminding me of that in the last class I took. Might be time to do some soul searching. Keep the posts coming. You are helping so many people.

jenny said...

Good Girl, Mo! So proud of you for taking little steps with your help. The world needs you around to inspire the rest of us, so you need to take care of YOU! And GREAT job reaching the platform too. You are a WINNER!!!

jenny said...

Oops - that was supposed to be "with your HEALTH!"