Friday, June 27, 2014

Wobblin' and Breakfast with my Girl

Ellie Sue can find just about anything she wants on YouTube.  It is sorta scary!  She mainly looks for art videos and well, apparently, instructions for various dances that are hip these days.  
Here, she is learning to Wobble.  And she is sharing her valuable information with our new sitter at the beach, Alex, and her friend, Kaitlyn.  Both of them came down and stayed with us for two weeks.
Oh... and do you like the new couch?!  And art?!  And now there are also new lamps and we are working toward new curtains too!
Here, she is looking for additional "resources".  This kid cracks me up!
We got up bright and early the next morning and headed out to The Hangout AGAIN!  This time it was to partake in their breakfast with Pirates and Princesses.  Pretty great concept, actually!
They send the kids on a scavenger hunt all around the grounds to find clues.
There is a lot of participation with the characters of the breakfast.  The mamas are mainly back in the restaurant enjoying a family style breakfast.  You just tell them how many will be eating from the one big platter they bring out.
The kids get souvenirs from the day.
And the whole thing culminates in a dig for treasure.  I was proud of Ellie.  She got enough for her and her sister.  And she actually split it all right down the middle.  Gabs didn't get up.  She was having some sort of power nap that morning!!
So, this kid and I got to have a "special date".

I've always been a fan of getting to spend some one-on-one time with each kid.  (This week, as it is, Ellie is BACK at the beach with her cousin, Madi.  Gabs is getting LOTS of special one-on-one attention from her mama and daddy!!)
Bubble gum selfie.  The things I find on my phone!


Mama J said...

Those special one on ones are really important to the girls..not to mention dear ole Dad and Mom. Your girls are absolutely sprouting upward. It is amazing to be able to watch them grow. Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

THAT. ARTWORK!!! #iwantitnow
No, seriously though!!

Mbeaty19 said...

Been loving all the post this week. Love seeing all the adventures your girls experienced at the beach. Happy to see MA, Todd, and you got a few adventures in also. Love that art is such a big part of the girls world (they have a great role model though) can't wait to see your beach book for this year.
Totally feel you on the great one on one time. Having two kids close in age I think the 1 on 1 time is so important. Glad you were able to get done with Ellie at the beach. From your posts this week it looks like Gabbi is enjoying her home also.
I totally understand the kid obessed with videos. My 6 yr old spends hours each week watching different videos (ranges from Lego video to informational videos) at least they are learning some thing and sharing with others right?