Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hangin Out with Suzy

YES!!  I now have all my pics uploaded (thanks to my temporary personal assistant, Mary Allison), and I am back on the blog train!!  Get ready.  All I have to do is go in and add my words!!  She chose the pics to upload!  I like it like that!!

And today, she decided to post pics of my friend, Suzy.
Talk about a think tank!!  When Suzy and I get together, hang onto your hat, cause ideas are gonna FLY!  Any of you have "that" friend?!  The one who brings out the creativity in you a little bit more than others?! I'm telling you, we couldn't even go to the pool without an "idea notebook"!!

And we were excited to have her hanging with us at the beach for a week too.  On this fun night, we went to The Hangout.
I don't do a lot of make up and such when I am at the beach.  In fact, I am having some adjustment time now that I am back home.  I have yet to dry and straighten my hair since being back.  I got asked today if I got a perm!  Ha!!  Not hardly.  MoMo has CURLS underneath!
The girls were in LOVE with The Hangout this trip.  I think they went about 6 or so times.  There are all kinds of outdoor games, and jumpy toys and water play and well... they even have a super awesome gift shop too!! So, everyone wins!
I'd give the food, maybe a 7/10.  Not bad, but it's not really the REASON so many people go there for dinner when at the beach!  Oh,  and it is ON the beach!!  You can look one direction and actually see the surf and sand!
This would be the jumpy thing to which I was referring.
Gabbi was doing her deadlevel best to get herself over in a back flip!
Ellie was pretty much rocking flips in all directions!
See those clouds rolling in?!  We barely got this round in before it started raining.
 Well, I guess if college doesnt' work out, there is always the trapeze gig.  

I don't think my videos actually work on my blog, but you can sorta get the idea from this clip...
The Hangout has all kinds of loud music and games where people are asked to stand on the tables to sing or dance.  Ellie, naturally, was more than happy to participate.
This is a video from the gift shop.
And these totally cracked me up!!
I posted this one on my instagram.  My mom actually agreed on this post!!  Good for her, I am now in the "easy" years.  I'll be 45 in two months.
Gabs came away with a real treasure.  She LOVED this light pink pistol and gun holster.  
Posing it up!!  She is such a doll.  I could sop her up with a biscuit!!
 As for my new business ventures, I have SO much goodness happening!!!  Tomorrow, I'll be talking on CBS on the local morning show, Good Morning Ark-La-Miss, if you are up.  And then I'll be heading to speak to a group of insurance agents, with State Farm, regarding The Law of the Mirror, and adding value to yourself.  I have a fun activity planned at the end for helping them find their core value/ one word.  I have another speaking engagement for next Friday as well.  This time, for American National Insurance.  And so, so, so much more going on.  I LOVE a full life!  Gotta go.  Gotta practice for tomorrow's speech!  :)



Holly said...

You are a force of nature girl! Looks like a great beach trip this year! Will be be seeing the circle of love?

kimybeee said...

I can't keep up lol. And I am younger than you lol lol. Love the blogs. Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Remind me to buy Mary Allison's lunch for not posting our grown up (well girls over 40) video from The Hangout. I was sweating that one. Hehe. Good times !

Amy K said...

Your videos do work! Cute.
You go girl...congrats on all the awesomeness happening for you! Blessings to you on your speaking engagements/interviews.

snekcip said...

GO MO!!!! A local celebrity!!! BTW...I love your hair curly!!!

Becky said...

you don't need makeup -- love the pix of you and Elle head shots. Gabs is truly coming out of herself -happy day!

Kathryn said...

Have fun! Don't forget to leave time for you. You must have time for you.