Monday, June 2, 2014

A Dive In Movie.

This year our frands are coming down and staying at another complex.  Todd the Bod suggested we go down there and stay with them.  I told him he's lost his mind.  There will always be a newer and glitzier condo (or anything in life for that matter), but what we need to remember is WHAT do we want in a condo/ place to stay for our kids and family! 

Oh.  This is my reading material for the week. One of MANY things preoccupying my attention.
Back to the reason I love The Beach Club.  First off, there are five pools.  This is the big one called the "club pool", and it is the only ones my kids will play at for some reason.  It does have a poolside bar, huge nice restroom, grill for basic kid-style food, and of course, the poolside crafts daily!
They just never want to play in our condo's pool for some reason.

And then there's THIS... the weekly dive-in movie.  This is Gabbi's new friend, Maddi.  They were pretty much stuck like glue!
And would you believe they were playing Frozen?!  Oh the luck!
I'm sure there are some, but offhand, I don't know of any other condos which provide daily entertainment to the kiddos.  There is a golf cart which runs all day long up to the front of the property and back.  There is an ice cream parlor there, as well as a restaurant that has GREAT pizza!  and nachos.  and crabclaws.  just sayin.
The girls have made ceramic magnets, Christmas ornaments filled with shells, messages in a bottle, and painted sand dollars.  For all mothers of little kids out there reading this blog, you KNOW how awesome it is to have them briefly preoccupied.  That's about 20 minutes that I am not having to watch the same exact jump and scream "cannonball" for the 100th time.  You know the jump that occurred without you watching didn't actually happen.  According to my kids, at least.
Tonight, they are going to make S'mores on the beach at 7:00 and then crabbing with a group at 8:00.  Of course, I'll have the sitters down there with them, but it still means an adult dinner with my friends, Suzy and Christy.
There will come a day when being about 15 miles from the heart of the town's action will be a problem.  The girls will want to hang out on a busier beach with all the other preteens and teenagers.  God forbid.
And when that day comes, maybe we can revisit this conversation.  For now, I can actually let me girls go up in the elevator by themselves.  (monitored closely).  I can let them go to the bathroom near the pool by themselves.  They can walk up to the grill and order their own food. 
They can belly up to the bar with their daddy and...
oh wait!! 
WHAT are they doing over there?!  Looks like a serious discussion to me.
In the meanwhile, we are going to keep on being excited that the dive in movies also offer popcorn, cotton candy and glowing necklaces!

And for the mamas and daddies, there is a bit of respite from entertaining.  As well as a nice restaurant, nail salon, massage therapist, basketball court, multiple hot tubs, free DVDs of every kind, indoor heated pool, and really great poolside service.  (They come to YOU and ask your order.  I can dig that!)
Hopefully, I didn't sound braggadocios.. didn't mean to.  Maybe just thinking it through aloud... or through the keys on my keyboard as it is.  And, if you are interested in renting our condo, yes, we DO rent it.  Jessi controls the calendar.  She can be reached during the week at 318-232-1969.  Sorry, Jess.
Now, to get ready for S'mores and crabs. 



Susantwilhelm said...

Looks and sounds like heaven to me! Keep enjoying your happy place!

rketcherside said...

Is this in Gulf shores?

Amy K said...

I've told my husband for several years that we need to rent your condo. Getting him to leave this dog-gone farm, and putting our livelihood in someone else's capable hands is another story!
Can't wait to see what you ladies are going to create. Hi Christy! Hi Suzy!

Unknown said...

I think y'all are just where you need to be with your girls! Sounds awesome for the kids.

nss said...

Keep making memories for those kiddos.. Mine are 27 & 30 and it is amazing the things in their "file" that made such an impact. Happy Terrific Tuesday!

melanie, aka Mo said...


Mary T said...

This looks absolutely beautiful. Sounds like it's just right for your family right now. Your home away from home. I can't believe that it doesn't ever look packed with people. That is a great thing in itself!