Sunday, June 8, 2014

Some random screenshots. And some beach.

I am still alive.  And I am seriously "working" just about every spare minute.  I have gotten a lot of stuff accomplished.  For starters, I am getting really close to being able to show you a cool product I've been working on.  I decided in January, when I filled out my own planner/ annual workbook, that I could not only develop my own, but it could be even better.  And so, I decided I'd set a goal to have one ready by June.  And believe it or not, I have just about hit my goal.  So, stay tuned on that!!
(You know I love random posts.  And I am constantly screen shotting pics and ideas from my instagram feed.  Well, the first pic up there reminds me that one of the ways to build happiness is to write those three things down daily that you are grateful for.  Gratitude is one of the strongest emotions and when you can put a very positive emotion into your conscious, it has the ability to override the subconscious, particularly when paired with BELIEF.  That is a nice intro into that second picture.  Pain is a real thing, but once it has become chronic, it leaves an indelible impression on your subconscious and it takes more positive emotions to change your way of thinking such that pain does not become  the dominating thought of your consciousness.  Following?!   Basically, all that to say that the photo on instagram resonated with me.  Especially the place I am in my life right now where Melanie, the physical therapist, is lining up strongly with Melanie, the personal coach, and I am oddly learning the same thing in the continuing education and all the extra reading I am doing in BOTH subjects.  It's been a crazy ride.  I LOVE it when my brain and understanding expands.  I have a whole new awareness!
Ok, let's move on shall we?!
I have been getting up every Thursday morning since I've been here so I can Facetime in with my MMPT leadership team.  I am on conference calls every Saturday morning with the John Maxwell team members as we study a timeless book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.  Have any of you read it? ! I seriously think this study will be life changing for me!  And then, I make sure I don't miss my Super Soul Sunday, and just so happens that the two weeks I've been here, O has had the country's leading researcher on happiness as her guest.  So, I have filled up about three notebooks with ideas and notes and brain dump! 

One of my therapists, Brian, who has "Learner" and "Input" as two of his strengths (I HAVE mentioned my obsession with strengths, haven't I?!).  The learner in him loves to read and research and find out new information.  As in CONSTANTLY!!  The Input in him likes to catalog and organize information, and I am the lucky recipient of his work.  He emails me no fewer than 4 new fascinating emails/ links/ videos per day regarding coaching, business, personal growth, etc.  Today, I am watching a video (yep... up at 6:30 am on a Sunday on vacation to read about product launching!), on how to release my upcoming products.  I love to do new things. 
Two of my strengths are "Ideation" (creation of ideas), and "Futuristic" (always forward thinking), so, well, you get how those play into my thinking and action.

Oh.  This was on my phone when I uploaded pics... see your name?!
Todd the Bod went home to work for a week, but got back yesterday.  He'll spend 80% of his week RIGHT HERE!!  He even brought down new patio furniture for the balcony, cause this is HIS beach/ pool time.  He doesn't really dig "hot" and swimming and all that jazz.
Looks like on that particular day, I was working on my Creative Lettering 1.0 course.  I will start teaching that class the week I get back to West Monroe.  And because I've had a good bit of interest, I plan to video my teaching and offer it online.  If you are interested in taking it, let me know and I'll go ahead and start a list.  It's $25/ lesson and will be going on weekly for 4 weeks.  I haven't decided all the details of how to offer it online and whether or not the price will be the same!?  I have some supplies included in the live event, which I cannot disseminate to the masses for online course, so I'll take that into consideration on pricing.  Stay tuned for that too. 
Dude.  Can I just say I see the "11's" about 4-5 times a day.  It is totally nuts.  I just keep thinking it is confirmation that I am on track! That's all.
We have experienced the ol' sitter swap, as Sarah and Alex had to go back home for college orientation this week.  Isn't that exciting!?  Starting a new and exciting phase of their lives!

And Mary Allison has gone home too.  Did I mention (I think I did) that she is doing an "internship" with me this summer?!  That girl is a WORK HORSE!!  She is getting it DONE!!  I have put her in charge of a big, big project I have coming up in October.  The John Maxwell Team will be hosting L2, a simulcast of John Maxwell teaching leadership to only 300 sites worldwide.  Yep... West Monroe will be one of those sites!!  Mary Allison's summer project is to get us ready to roll in October.  So far, so good.  We have a venue, lunch plans, a place to order tickets online, and a tentative agenda.  I'll be letting you know when you can order tickets, cause if you are anywhere close where you could make the event, you SHOULD!!!  I went to a simulcast about, oh, I don't know, maybe 6-7 years ago or less, and that was my first introduction to John Maxwell. Now, I have read no fewer than 10 of his books, attended his trainings, am a certified coach, trainer, and speaker, and am now hosting him myself!!  Wow!  What a difference a few years make!! 
To get ready for my coaching that I know is going to explode (I have my first corporate client in July), I am steadily reading and learning about how to best form a team, where everyone is engaged and happy and pulling their weight, because they are all working in their strength zones.  When you are in your area of strength, you are enthusiastic and have good energy.  If not, you won't.  So, just for a little thought provoking.... are you?!   If not, why not?!
And all this learning and growth and preparation has taken place right here at the beach.  That's not a bad gig, is it?! 
These two have not had their mom full time, but they HAVE had me daily. 
And my "other" girl!  Been coming with us to the beach since she was 13!  She turned 19 on this trip!

These two are pretty good buds.  Ellie doesn't let anyone think she is a family of four.  She ALWAYS says 5!  And always counts MA as her sister.
I load up these videos in hopes that you can watch, but am never really sure that they work.  When MA was here, she uploaded one to vimeo.  Oh!  It was the one where I drew the winner of the blackout bingo.... but I never got a response to that!! Helllooooo??  I need to send out a prize.  But I digress!! 
Hope you are having a great and inspired Sunday!!  It is my daddy's birthday !!  Happy Birthday, Pops!!  I can't be with you today, but will make up for it next Sunday on Father's Day!!  I'm coming home early to make sure I get that one all planned out for you!!  Love you!



Unknown said...

You have my mind rolling early this morning! Yes, I'm interested in any online classes you offer. Heck, I think I need to move to West Monroe! I'm going look up the book, Think and Grow Rich.
Do the sitters drive that far alone? How do they get back home?

Unknown said...

WAIT. A. MINUTE. You've developed a planner?? I need TWO! STAT!! This is some exciting news! Can't wait to see what you've come up with!

Renee said...

Wow. I truly believe your brain never rest. You go girl. Quite impressive.

Debbye said...

Would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to do an online creative lettering class! Please let us know the details of how to do it. Maybe we have supplies mailed to us if we pay for shipping?

Amy K said...

You know I will be all over that online lettering class! Excited for that!

Shannon said...

Thinking I'll be sending my husband to your training. He's a city official - which he loves. Leadership training would always be good for that. He also just started a new job that he's unhappy with. He mentioned the other day that he needs a job where he can use what he's good at (his strengths). I mentioned your upcoming training/class. Excited to see it come to life for you - and possibly for him.

Holly said...

I am so excited to say YES sign me up for the online creative lettering class! I'm disappointed my name is not on the crazy list! Glad you are having such a productive and fun vacation!

Joleen said...

I would love to do the online class. You amaze me with all you do and accomplish!

Beverly said...

MO! I would be very interest in the creative lettering course on line. Let me know the details. AND can't wait to see the planner!


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