Sunday, May 25, 2014

Inspiration and my art classes

The day we were leaving the hospital, and our sweet Ellie Sue was discharged without a single solitary residual issue after her very scary ordeal, I looked down and it was 11:11.  I thought it was fitting that I also had a little angel, who represents Jake in my garden, on my phone photo log as well.  I used some app on my phone to combine all those elements to represent all the inspiration I was feeling at that moment.  I was extremely grateful.

I know many of you saw me post this on FB.  But, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quote.  I have found it to be very true.  I'm a fan of Super Soul Sunday on OWN and today, the author of The Happiness Advantage was on there being interviewed.  He is a professor at Harvard, and he listed 5 things we can do to make ourselves considerably happier.  The number one thing is to list three things you are thankful for every day.  Take 2 minutes to do this and elaborate if you feel so led.  Do it for 21 days.  I dare you! 
Another great thing I found on Pinterest.  Mom?  Mom?  Has this always been just a lie?!
ANd here it is again.  Just try it.  Think of ANYTHING you want to see manifested in your life.  Big or little.  My girls and I practice it on the way to stores.  We start saying we are going to get a front row parking place.  And then I tell them to really see us getting out of the car right up by the store.  (positive affirmations and meditation).  And then, like clockwork, we get that spot.  And I LOVE to hear them give thanks.... every. single. time!!
I am thinking of taking mom on a trip to the northeast this fall.  I want to see Vermont in the fall.  I hear the foliage is unreal.  Has anyone ever been there? Is it worth taking mom on one of her "bucket list" trips? ( Cause she has others!)  But that happens to be on my list too.
"Live Like You Were Dying"  by Tim McGraw.  Always hear it just when I need to!
Ellie has been spending a lot of time with her KK lately.  ANd now that KK is a new mom, I am sure Ellie is thinking she is ready to babysit!!  That kid does NOT know that she is only 6.  In her mind, she is a teenager, soooo...
Here it is as it appeared on my Pinterest page.  Love it.
This is right after the garden was planted at MMPT.  Now most things are over  knee high.  We've caught 3 raccoons and a cat in our live traps!
I LOVE stencils.  I think I need to look into getting these!!
This little project at the studio ended up being pretty fun.  We had a good crowd.  I thought the fish ended up pretty dang cute!
Oh my gosh!!  Look at this ad.  I have GOT to replicate that little camper.  So dang cute.
So, apparently it was at "", although I have no idea how I got to that site myself.  Probably followed a link off of something?!
But no matter.  I LOVE that background, and might have to do something like this as a photo prop at one of my girls' summer birthdays.  Ellie has mentioned a "Glamping" party, so this would fit right on into the theme!  Breanna, you reading this?!
I thought this little painting would make the cutest little Christmas cards!  I might have to paint my cards next year!!
ANd how sweet was this?!  THis is Miss April, Ellie's bus driver.  Ellie and Gabs might have ridden the bus a total of 3-4 times this entire school year.  But, when Miss April heard about Ellie's accident, she took a picture of all the kids on her bus and had them write a little note to her.  ANd then she hand delivered it to her with gifts!!  So, so nice!
While we were under house arrest, we used the new nail polish set that Bailey got Ellie and decorated our nails.

Yeah.  ANd did a lot of Pinterest surfing!!  If I ever made all the things I dream about making with pallets, dude... I'd have something!!
Too bad BOTH of my girls had art parties last year... cause I LOVE this theme and d├ęcor!!
It's never too early to start planning a birthday party.  They tend to sneak up on you!  I think Ellie wants a water day outside in the yard, then "glamping" with tents and an outdoor movie, then a pallet party.  It would be her first major sleepover party. 

Gabs hasn't really decided.  I think she is leaning toward a water party outside too.  Theme to be determined!! 
Wanna know another one of the things that the Happiness dude said to do to be really happy?! 
Praise or thank someone different for 21 days.  You can send them an email, a letter, put on Facebook or call them.  You can also do it face to face.   Spend 2 minutes a day on this task as well.  Interesting, huh?!
Whew... that above quote.  NO pressure huh?! 
I think about this a LOT actually.  I also want to read The Conscious Parent.  Has anyone read that one?!
Carnation garland.... genius!!
Yeaaaaahhh, I gotta learn how to make these.  RIGHT up my alley!!
If only we could all strive to do this.  What a wonderfully inspired and happy world this would be!

Hey.  This is that fish class I was talking about earlier.  We had some fun chicks in this class!! 
Sherry, the blond on the left is my fellow John Maxwell team member.  She, a local physician, and I are all hosting the John Maxwell simulcast in October.  There were only 300 sites, WORLDWIDE, chosen to host it, and West Monroe, LA, is in the house!!
We've got quite a bit of planning to do before then.  I am glad I have some good teammates with whom I'll be collaborating!!
Well, that's all I have tonight.  Mary Allison is supposed to help me load pics tomorrow.  And so, maybe I can post some fun pics of our beachin' so far.  I have loved the time away with my babies and MA.  Todd the Bod showed up today, so now I have my honey bunny here too. 

I spent all of today getting prepared for an upcoming 6 week Lettering class.  I think it is gonna be cool!!  Lots of projects and even homework.  I think this one could be transformed into an online class, so stay tuned for info on that. 

Peace out, boy scout.


Unknown said...

I'm taking you up on the challenge! Going to start tonight with a few things to be thankful for :)
I always enjoy your random blogs.
Can't wait for beach pics. Saw a pic of Ellie earlier and she looks adorable with her new hair cut, of course she's always styling!

Jerelyne Nemanich said...

I have been doing one thing that makes me smile each day and blogging about it since January 1. It has been a great way to reflect on each day and find one highlight even when it has been a really bad day -

Jerelyne Nemanich said...

I have been doing one thing that makes me smile each day and blogging about it since January 1. It has been a great way to reflect on each day and find one highlight even when it has been a really bad day -

Amy K said...

I love awareness projects or challenges. Today is Day 56 for my 100 Happy Days challenge on take a photo a day of something that makes you happy. I can't wait to see all the happy things printed out after the 100 days (and beyond).
Bring on the beach pictures!

Kathryn said...

I have found that since the "big bang" almost two years ago, letting go is really, really easy when you are working towards achieving a goal. Focusing on that goal is what brought me though, coupled with the love of family and friends, and the determination of a boatload of medical professionals focused on getting me through that first few hours of a new life! So now, every morning during my quiet time, I thank those who helped me and my family. I thank those that continue to watch over me. I thank those who I see checking me out in stores, who work so hard everywhere to make my day better. Being thankful for others makes it so very much easier to let go of minor grievances. True, letting go of big tick-offs is more difficult because we are human, but doesn't it feel great when we can do it? Sorry for the sermon!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Today, I am grateful for those who comment on my blog! I love the "interaction"! Be well!

Holly said...

I'm a Super Souler too! I am so thankful Ellie had such a remarkable recovery! When I was a kid I had a close friend who lived a few doors down. She had a heart condition and usually couldn't play outside. I loved to play with dolls too and so we spent hours playing together in her room. In third grade she had surgery to try to correct the issue. The day before her surgery her mom brought her to school to go to Mass with us. After Mass Kathy and I sat on a bench in front of the church while her Mom talked to the nuns. She told me she might die the next day, but she wasn't scared because if she did she would to heaven. Still amazes me. But then she said I'll pray for you and watch over you like your guardian angel. She did not make it. Her death changed me in ways I didn't really realize until I was grown. I still think about her and believe she has been with me. I believe Jake keeps an eye on you guys!

I will definitely sign up for an online lettering class! Thanks for all the inspiration! You are a blessing!

Love ya!
Holly & JakeDog

Lou Ellen Rhodes Russell said...

John and I did a 25th anniversary trip to VT, NH and Maine. It is maybe my favorite trip we've ever taken, we spent 3 weeks there. A year later I even took Cat back on Mother/Daughter trip. It is so lovely in the Fall. I had researched extensively and made our reservations well in advance b/c their Fall season is so busy. We stayed at some lovely dreamy B&Bs and enjoyed some wonderful meals. I wish you and I could visit, so I could recommend some wonderful places we visited. See if you can get a wonderful book called, "New England, Off the Beaten Path" (I think that's the name of it). I'd send you mine, but it was borrowed and not returned. Anyway, being the artist that you are, be sure to see the Bread and Puppet Theatre on a 1700s farm near Glover, VT. It's name belies what is really there. It is incredible, also features a "free art" bus and a "free art" manifesto. John and I took a free painting from the bus, which was unmanned but we left a donation (optional). It is a wonderful souvenir of our trip. Another favorite was visiting Robert Frost's farm and walking in his woods on a non-snowy day. Another must for an artist is the Tasha Tudor farm and museum. Take your Mom and just do it. It is truly delightful.

Lou Ellen Rhodes Russell said...
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Phyllis Lines said...

I would definitely recommend the trip to the Northeast. I did a New Hampshire/Vermont/Maine trip in early October 7 or 8 years ago and it was beautiful. Stayed in a couple bed and breakfasts in Maine - one in Ogunquit, the other in Freeport. Also stayed one night in Portland. Think you would like that town also. Did the Ben and Jerry's tour in Vermont then just took out on country highways, off the interstate. You and your mother would love it.

nss said...

Challenge accepted...Started my list today. Going to start my 100 days of happy on instragram too!
Saw a t-shirt and thought of you this weekend.. Keep calm and explore on!
Have a terrific Tuesday :)