Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Excalibur and a flash flood!!

Well, even my "personal assistant", Mary Allison, can't figure out how to upload my pics from my phone.  I'd be lying if I didn't feel a little bit validated.  It has only been since Todd got me a new computer with a new operating system.  (like I know what that means!!)  Anyway, until someone down here figures it out, we'll be having some "oldies but goodies" pics and corresponding blogs!!  Like this one...
These pics are from a birthday party that the girls went to earlier this year.  Actually, it was a girl in Ellie's class, but I asked if I could pay and let Gabs be there too! 
The party was at a place in West Monroe called Excalibur.  And there's this cool climbing wall.  I love that both of my girls give so much effort to climb that sucker.
And even though they are both giving their best, they seem to do it in totally different approaches.  I bet if you could see Ellie's face, she'd have her teeth clenched.  She is competitive, so seeing her friend climbing beside her also fuels her on.  She's a determined little toot!  Boldness and determination.  That's Ellie.
Gabbi is more your "slow and steady wins the race" kind of girl.  She is not interested in what someone else is doing.  She seemingly has to work 5x as hard as others, but she never loses her joy.  She just keeps right on trying.  She'd slip and come all the way to the ground, turn around, smile at me, and go again.  Persistent is her learning model of success, it seems.
See below... betcha she's smiling!!
Annnddd, let's try again!  Shall we?

And regardless of how high she made it up the wall, she was always pleased as punch over her own good effort.

I think it is so interesting that two kids raised by the same parents and in the same manner can be so totally different.  But then again, I suppose that is how we all are.  Have you heard of the book, The Conscious Parent?  I heard about it last week and it has resonated with me. I must read it.  It basically talks about children entering the world with their own distinct spirits.  And we must be CONSCIOUS in seeing and meeting them where they are in order to facilitate their true spirit and becoming who and what they were meant to be.  It is NOT our job to squelch their spirits and ignore the little signs they are trying to give us along the way.  Particularly when we are so caught up in our cellphones, agendas, busy-ness, that we fail to notice.
An example would be if the kid is trying hard to tell us that they really don't like dancing or gym or tee ball.  They might leave their bags, always be late, mully grub when it's time to play, and never practice.  They may be trying to tell us, but we, in our push to make them succeed in "everything" (to fulfill our own egos), don't hear the "whispers", and it is only when they ROAR that we HEAR them.
I definitely want to hear my kids' whispers!
For sure, Gabbi responds to affection and gentleness.  She uses the words, "Be kind", often.  It takes only a cross glance to break her heart.  She rarely needs any sort of punishment of any kind!
With Ellie, well, I am still figuring her out!!  She just "cross glances" back at you!!  ha.  She is definitely an older spirit!!  She totally feels she is supposed to hang out with the older kids.  She wants to dress like them, do what they do (scary!), and talk like them.  I am not sure what to do with that just yet, but I am being patient with myself to understand it/her.  Maybe reading that book will help.  (And by the way, I'm not endorsing it.  I haven't read it yet.  I have no idea what, for sure, it is about.  I only heard the author being interviewed and was very intrigued.  Made perfect sense to me!)
Just by noticing how they do things differently, i.e. climb the rock wall, is teaching me about how to parent them and support them and encourage their success.
And one other thing.  On this particular day, it was a DOWNPOUR.  But, I sorta committed to trying to make as many birthday parties as we possibly could this year, because they are very important to the kid, and the mama has put so much effort into invitations, decorations, cake, etc.  The least we could do is show up!
But outside...
was this.  It looked like a flash flood!
And in fact, inside looked like this...

I think Excalibur needs to consider building some sort of dam.
Ok.  So those are MoThoughts for today.  At the beach, I tend to be more introspective.  Bare with me, won't you?!



Maggie said...

Maybe they need a MOAT ;) Wamp wah! Hope you're having a blast at the beach!

Debbie Dankelson said...

Have you tried posting to your blog using the Blogger app?

melanie, aka Mo said...

No. Thanks. I'll see if MA can figure that out.

Holly said...

Having had an only child, I am always intrigued by the differences between my grandsons, and of course my two siblings and I. I like the idea of picking up on their whispers. Keep those Mo Tho's coming!

Becky said...

I will give no insight as to how to get those photo's off - as I am still in the flip phone ages. I love how Elle always is barefoot and Gabs always wears shoes. God blessed you with 2 different personalities so you cold have some of the best. becky

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your girlies, as always. That book sounds interesting, maybe something ill read this year.

Bethany said...

5 kids with 5 very different personalities here! Always amazes me how they just seem to be born with strong personality traits. You think that children being raised in the same home with the same parents would be more alike. But our job is not to make children how we want them to be but to help them find and use their gifts so they can be the best they can be.

Shannon said...

Mully grub? That's a new one for me.

melanie, aka Mo said...

RIGHT ON, sister!!