Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beautiful randomness

Sometimes when I am uploading pics from my phone, I just have absolutely NO idea where to put certain pics.  They just don't naturally fall into a "category".  It is then that I create a folder called "random pics".  And today, you are lucky.  It's a random pic day!  We'll start with the day that Madi came home with us and tried on Alex's shoes.  She was feeling pretty fly.
Madi's dang foot is growing SO fast!!  She is already in the "big girl" sizes.  She's gonna be tall!
And then she made the mistake of showing her Uncle Todd her loose tooth.  As grossed out as I am over a loose tooth, he is just as obsessed!!
I kept trying to tell him that it is not that loose!! But he just kept right on wiggling.  
We've been spending our usual amount of time in the art room.  Now that I have the studio, I can leave out my favorite things on the art table, or a project that I am working on without freaking out that I have a class showing up.  It is much more laid back in the ol' art room now.  Believe me, I NEEDED to find ways to destress, and something as simple as that, helped!
I love watching my girlies work in their art journals! They certainly don't call it such, but they have some go-to notebooks where they sketch and write.  Very cute.
I saw these little notecards on instagram and thought, I need to start making cards out of my handwriting.  I get so many compliments on the hand lettering, hey... why not?!
And speaking of handlettering, Jenn, you asked when it is coming up, and I know it'll be after the middle of June.  I'll get specific dates for you as soon as I can.  If you think you might be interested in this class or any other class, and you do not already receive my newsletter, email me to get on the list.  Just say, "add me to your list, MO!"  and it is as good as done!
As for the Bingo game, ha.  Well, we had a winner, and she got a custom canvas.  The blackout is taking forever, so let's just have a contest there too!!  Email me and say, "Nevermind bingo, I just want a prize!", and I'll put you in a drawing for a Mojoy goodie. Oh, and very soon there will be a Mojoy Studio website!!  Get excited!!

So, there... all those "lemon" cards I've been hearing about can bite the dust!

Have a good Tuesday.


Kathryn said...

I think I must have had a lemon! That Ms Madi is getting so grown up. I can't wait till you offer the video classes. I'd love to learn to letter your way!

Beth E. said...

LOL! That's one way of taking care of the contest. I don't think I would ever fill my card...I still haven't gotten bingo. ;-)

Madi is growing up so fast. She was rockin' those heels!

Amy K said...

I've been all for playing along for Blackout, but I like the way you think! Cute pictures!

snekcip said...

Madi is growing up!!!

Deb said...

"Nevermind bingo,I just want a prize!"
lol I love it when you do randoms, it is just like a quick chat on the phone!

Becky said...

Never mind Bingo I sent you an email to mojoy@att.net and Microsoft said att is rejecting - couldn't win at Bingo and can't even send message. However, I do
get to read the blog and get Mo's newsletters.

Karen said...

I had to laugh at the Lemon remark. I think I have used that term to describe my bingo card. "Never mind Bingo, I want a Prize!!! I wish I could attend one of your retreats. Maybe online class would be just the ticket.
Hugs, Karen