Saturday, April 26, 2014

The neighborhood party house.

I guess every neighborhood has them... the gatherings places. 
This neighborhood has several!  But, on this particular day, it was the Groves house which was the chosen one!!  Emma Lou had a friend over, and they came over to hang out with me and my chillen'. Kiley, in the yellow shirt, above, is one of Ellie's faves.  She is a big tumbler AND the daughter of her first grade teacher, so she is cool on so many levels! 

Gabbi had a friend spend the night, and when I went to pick her up, her brother (on the right) looked so pitiful for not having anywhere to go himself, I just invited him too! Hey.  The more the merrier, right?!
And of course, I couldn't let Noah come over and be bored with all those girls, so I let him invite a kid from the neighborhood, Lane, down to do art in the artroom.  They've both attended my art classes, so I knew they had a creative streak.

Gabbi, meanwhile, back in her room, and speaking of creative, was playing My Little Pony with AnnaBeth.
They just couldn't be more alike!
And so it was... 8 kids in my house.  I think Todd was out of town.  Or on the golf course.  I don't know.  I just know that he doesn't have the nervous system to tolerate all this "fun"!!
I, on the other hand, sort of like a crowd.  As I am sure you have come to know by now.
And I think they feel pretty "at home" here.  Look at them sprawled all across my kitchen table.
Hmmm... not sure if I am ready for all this action. Nope.  I'm checking into convents this weekend.  Ellie will be nunning up in about 3 years.  Hope she's had fun so far.
Have a fun weekend. 


Oh, and if you have a minute... go vote for me and my peeps at MMPT who were nominated for Healthcare Heroes in our area.

Here are the categories in which we were nominated:

Occupational Therapist:  Patchez Holland
Occupational Therapy Assistant:  Amber Bridges
Physical Therapist:  Melanie Massey
Physical Therapy Assistant:  Malorie Marchant
Speech Therapist:  Shannon Dunn

Thanks.  We are all just really honored to have been nominated.  But, of course, we'd appreciate the support.  MO


melanie, aka Mo said...

Nevermind! Looks like the survey is closed now. Thanks anyway.

Unknown said...

8 kids at once, you're awesome :)

Amy K said...

If I lived in your neighborhood, I'd want to play at the BAH, too! :)

Lisa said...

You are the best - especially inviting the brother and a friend for him too. Making everyone feel included - if only all kids had one of you in their lives!

The Mommy said...

It always looks like so much fun at your house! Your house will be the hangout for your girls and their friends for sure!

Love it!