Thursday, April 24, 2014

MMPT shenanigans

Anybody who has followed my blog for any time at all knows that we, at MMPT, are a family of coworkers who like to hang out together outside of work too!
We have students who come in from literally all over the country and we use that as an excuse to get together and send them off with a Louisiana themed goodbye when it's time to go.  On THIS night though, it was all about Katie's birthday.  (the crowned princess on the left in the photo above)
We were served some kind of green drank in celebration.  Umm.  Ok.  I'll try.
And then, because we are classy like that, we went to a pool hall and had us a little mini tournament.
Anybody close to me knows that I LOVE to study people's strengths.  I have every person who works for me, wants to work for me, is a student at my clinic, or might want to be, take a strengths test so I can know best how to make the MMPT match for them richer and most enjoyable.
Well, Todd's number one is COMPETITION.  Thus, he was on that pool table right off the bat!

This is Ava.  She is from Venezuela originally.  But, she is from St. Augustine University in Florida, and hails more recently from Washington DC.  She has been interning with Abby in pediatric PT for the past 2 months or so.
She'll be leaving next week, so I guess we'll have to find another place to go line dance before she goes!
These are the girls of MMPT pediatrics, West Monroe clinic.
And THIS Is Melanie, now also in a crown, singing Karaoke.  Have I mentioned I CANNOT carry a tune!?  But I DO love to sing.  Major dilemma!
MIddle of the night, I noticed this.  I am also now noticing that I only had 8% battery life!  WHAT?!  Uncool.
Flash forward... looks like we all lived through the night!!  Meanwhile, back at office.
Yes, I DID stand on a ladder and handpaint that plaid ceiling, thank you very much!!

ANd on this day, Cade, Shelby, and I were all sporting shirts to support a fundraiser for Malorie's mom, who recently had a surgery.
Jamette and Brian wore theirs too.
Look at THIS angel!  This is Miss Addie.  She has so much 'tude!!  But, attitude or not, that baby girl is now walking ALONE in her walker.  We are so proud of our kids when they meet major milestones.  This is a biggie for her!!
John Wesley (who will soon be a proud daddy himself... end of May!), has done a phenomenal job with her.  And she loves him dearly.
This is sweet Sean.  Look at him, stacking cones, and sorting pegs, and all kinds of big, smart kid stuff!
I am so blessed to be a part of so many families' lives.  I'd take just about any one of these kids home with me, and their mamas know it.  We get very close when we have such an integral role in their lives every week.
And we are helping this young chap get his neck stronger so he can better "Serve and protect"! We make our neck patients keep a laser beam on a taped line maze on the wall in front of them, which causes them to stabilize their neck and co-contract their neck muscles while also using their core and upper extremities in a dynamic task.
Looks pretty intimidating, doesn't it?!
Well, would ya looky there?  Seemed we needed to send off another student!  I mean, it's just the right thing to do.  :)
Blessed to do what I love.


kimybeee said...

I am curious as to the longevity of your employees. It seems you are always having a good time. I would think that kind of work atmosphere would keep people there forever.

Holly said...

Love the ceiling! I don't think you really realize just how AMAZING you are girl! You deserve to wear a crown every day!

Joleen said...

Wow, that ceiling is awesome! Did you need therapy on your neck after that? Ha!

You must be the best boss ever! I think it is awesome how much you invest in your employees.