Monday, April 14, 2014

More...Dancing competition!

Well, ya know.. since we are all filled up on girly estrogen anyway, let's just keep that ball rolling!!  These are Ellie Sue's heroes... just sayin'!
We met up with our fave collegiate and took her to get some sweet grub.
We don't get to see ol' Mary Allison as often as we'd like, so when we are around her, we def try to keep her right there with us.  She even THOUGHT she was going to spend the night with us both nights, but alas, the fraternity parties beat us out.
Breanna and I, and our brood of 5 daughters, hit the jackpot when we realized that there was a breakfast buffet (did I mention "Free"!?) right up there on our floor?!  B.O.N.U.S.!!
We just strolled right on down there in our nightclothes.  Like we owned the joint.
Last day of dance, I look over and Miss Priss has found MIA, Mary Allison's make up bag.  Well... she DID choose a frat party over us.  Right?!  Ellie was going to town!
When our foundation got a little thick, I knew it was time to call the whole thing off.  Tammy Faye was going to dance with wee schoolers, and I wasn't sure we were looking too appropriate.
Can you say, "neon"?!
I spy Ellie... hand in air.  I am sure she needs some clarification.
Either that or she had some suggestions for the teacher and his approach to breaking down the dance steps.  I'm praying it wasn't that!!
Every once in a while, Gabs would join them on the dance floor.
Miss Front Row Joe made up for her sister's absence though.

The instructors at LADM really do a great job bonding with the teens, calling out the best in the older girls, and inspiring the young ones by connecting with them on a "fun" level.
Ellie completely and totally LOVES getting to go to competition.
Gabbi completely and totally loved fixing her own water glass.
Oh well... to each her own.  Variety is the spice of life.  And my life certainly has a lot of variety!



Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Great pictures of beautiful little dolls! Too funny about Ellie raising her hand to offer some tips......she is a trip.
Have a wonderful day,
Diana from Colorado

Becky said...

love that each likes to dance to their own drums...Gives you as mama the best of all worlds. Believe! Becky in NC

Mama J said...

These little girls give you and your followers so much joy. They just live life so abundantly. You have no choice but to do so as well... teehee....