Thursday, March 27, 2014

Valentine's Day at MMPT

Since I'm kickin' it old school anyhow, let' also go back to Valentine's Day at MMPT.  First off, DeeDee and Granddad had the girls come spend the night so they could bake V Day cookies with them.  They were generally pretty pumped about that!
Mom's (me) not exactly a "baker", so the thought of getting to take lip-shaped cookies to school was pretty exciting.

These were our V Day shirts last year.  Remember those?!

And I made this cute cuff in an art class at some point.  I'd do them in every retreat if it didnt' require a big fat sewing machine!
Anyway, because I love a holiday, I donned just about every heart I could find.  These were sold at Shake 4 Jake, and I still just love it.
I found these beauts in Tucson.  They are handmade with clay.  I do intend to make these in our new kiln!
And then when we got to work, I loved seeing that everybody else was in the spirit too!
This was sitting on my desk at work.  We'd had secret pals all week long, and I had no idea who mine was.
During the week, I'd asked Todd if he needed help getting his secret pal stuff together.  He said he wasn't playing (it's optional), and I assumed he probably wasn't.

So, when I first saw this, I thought, "well, how nice", and assumed I had some little necklace and earrings from Walgreen's.
After all, we have a $30 limit for the WEEK!
And then, there was this.  This is how my secret pal had signed all my things all week long.  Have I mentioned I LOVE secret pal week at work?!  I'd play it once a month.
Long story short, my secret pal was Todd the Bod.  And he ended my week with those black diamond stud earrings and necklace as my Valentine's Day hurrah!
He got me.  I was totally shocked!

JinJin came through with her annual tulips.
And we had heartsy fartsy things strung up everywhere.

Even our patients got in on the holiday fun.

And by patients, I even mean JinJin.  She has been coming for physical therapy for a while now.
Love that necklace!  It was one of my Tucson finds.  I strung that puppy up, and voila. That was HER Valentine'd Day gift.
And so, sweetheart day came and went, and I'd say I scored BIG!  Thanks, Todd the Bod.  You know how to make a girl feel special.



Becky said...

you are beyond blessed - and the biggest blessing is that you know it. Have a great day. Becky

Amy K said...

NICE surprise!!!
You have way too much fun at work.
I love those clay heart earrings.