Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bossier Parish Community College Lecture

One thing I can never be called is "boring".  You just never know what in the world my blog might be about!!  I can jump from skiing to art retreat, to Valentines (a month late) to this...

Teaching a lecture at Bossier Parish Community College.
Ron, the PTA in the Shreveport clinic, and I have been doing this pediatric lecture for years.
That baldy there is Ron.  Some of you might recognize him from TeamJake.  He's been on the team, I think , since its inception.
And this baby girl...
She comes to the Shreveport clinic.  I asked Ron to have a few of his patients show up to be "models" for our lecture on handling and treatment of the baby.
We invited some of the students, who had an affinity to the children, to come up and participate with us.
Here's Christian. The cutie in the red.  Some of you might recognize him from the fundraiser we had last summer.  It was an art show, and we raised money to help Christian get a surgery.  He just had pretty radical surgery, in fact, and it's amazing how well he's already doing.
This is the PTA class of 2014.  Ron and I were proud to be able to share our knowledge and experience with them.

And this is Kim.  She and I were in the same PT class, and she's basically the only one in my class with whom I'm still in contact.  She also runs for Team Jake every year, and usually inspires some of her students to join her in Memphis.  She and I are fellow gardeners, so we also have that in common.  And well, we really are just kind of two peas in a pod.  We both quote movies, albeit the cheesy ones, the trashy ones, or the funny ones.  Most people don't even recognize the quotes, but if I mentioned one, she'd grin and know exactly where I was coming from, and vice versa.
So, with that... peace out!!
And thank you, Kim, for asking me to come back year after year.  Doing this lecture contributes to my personal growth.  I appreciate you.



Kathryn said...

What a fun day! How nice of the parents to let their children help others learn.

nss said...

Yep, boring you are not. Love the "randomness" and the passion!