Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mardi Gras... the final haul

This is what it looked like when the evening was over!
All of the girls were carrying bags FULL of beads as well as jackets and hats and cups and medallions.
Except this one... she was just being carried herself!!
Here is my friend, Donna, who invited us to participate.
and of course, this was smack in the middle of all the fun.  I know.  I know.  You might be getting tired of seeing it, but I've just been snapping it right and left lately.  It makes me feel saner to catch "proof" of it, when I actually know in my heart how often it occurs.
I've shared at least one of these, but this was my Instagram collage from the night!

There were only a couple of bands this year.  I don't really know what happened to our local bands.  I missed seeing them!
Well, hello there, Miss Thang!

Ellie Sue got her a prime spot on top of John Wesley's shoulders!!  And Gabbi Girl is there in the background on KK, being toted like a "sack of taters"!

These two were like two peas in a pod.

Niiiiceee!!  I think I need to frame this!
My fave niece and I stopped to take a pic right after I hit the motherload and got some really "special" beads!!
The Civil War reenactment team was pretty cool.
and thank goodness, this year I had the foresight to get plastic bags together to take with us to hold the excessive amount of beads that were to be had!!
When you try to put all those suckers around your neck, it gets seriously heavy!!  So heavy that it actually gives me a headache!

And this concludes our 2014 Mardi Gras photo stream!!  But... there is one more order of business.  Or maybe two.
Tonight's Bingo number is O with a heart in it 28.  Do you have it?!

And I didn't really clarify, but the winner (up, down, or diagonal) needs to send me a pic of their card so we can verify the win!!  Email it to  There was one person who only lacked one number to win, so I figured it was about time to clarify!

And next... we will be sending out the MoJoy newsletter tomorrow.  So, if you want to know about all the upcoming classes, sign up above to the right, with your email.  I know that Color Finder 1.0, like the one I had in November, will be repeated on March 21-23.  So, if I have interested folks, let me know.
There will be mixed media canvases, custom jewelry, and lots of personal growth opportunities.  If you were thinking, "I wish I were there" when it was going on... now's your chance!!  Of course, we will be staying at the BAH, and Todd the Bod will be the chef!

Hope to see some of you there.


connie said...

I haven't had a number yet so sad here I guess I didn't get a good card.. no numbers at all ughh I love seeing your pics from the parade. I had a friend that lived in where u live but she wasn't in your area just the state she sent me a bunch of beads from one parade she went too but she got sick she had cancer and passed away several years ago I miss her so much she was one I could talk to she understood where I was coning from she had fibromyalgia like me we used to talk on the phone all the time.. I miss her a lot. I still have the beads here somewhere I love them she was going to send me more but didn't get around too it cause she got sick... well im going to go hopefully I will get some numbers soon....

Karen said...

What a haul!!! Love all your pictures! No, again I do not have the number. I am so sad! I wish I could attend one of your retreats.

Sending Hugs, Karen

kimybeee said...

Still no number! I think this contest is rigged lol lol lol. Just send me Ellie, gg, twilight sparkles and Lizzie and we will call it even!

Gg would love it here now - we are getting ready to have a baby calf and the barn next door is full of baby lambs! We still have chickens and the goats and the sheep are in the barn and enjoy loving. And I have a pile of cats and a little dog that would worship her!

My daughter and sister could hook Ellie up with girly stuff lol. Caitlin is 20 now and my son 18 so she could hang out with big kids that have dirty boots cause they farm and drive big trucks! I can see Ellie just struttin her stuff in a big 4wheel drive truck with a bunch of rednecks lol lol lol.

Beth E. said...

I don't have this number... phooey. Looks like everyone racked up at Mardi gras. What a haul!

Becky said...

I feel like I have been to Mardi Gras with you - what fun! Still only one number but we do have a new baby calf- her name is Julie and she arrived on the coldest day we had

SamC said...

Love the pictures of the girls enjoying the parade. Looks like a lot of fun. We use to have an Oleput (Tupelo backwards) Festival here a few years ago. My son loved it. For some reason they stopped having it.

I still just have the one number, but am having fun playing.

Some day I am going to make it to a retreat. Funds are the only thing keeping me from it, but, I will make it. It is on my bucket list. :)