Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 4 continued. (Except would you believe this is really only day 3?! )

Well, back to Tucson we go.  And it was actually only the third day when I snapped this pic!
It was the only night that there was a "second round" of shows in the evening.  Usually, everything closes at 6:00.   Jessi and I listened to some old jam to get fired up so we could keep on going!!

And afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with one of the best little restaurants in Tucson!
Yep.  I snapped it again.
Hey, Jessi.  Any idea why I snapped this picture?!  Strange!!  But since I pretty much live out my life through my iphone, I am sure there was some rationale to that pic at the time.
How cute are these little miniature pitchers in which came our dressing!
And then....
Banana and hot fudge crepes with mocha with whipped creme.  WHAT?!!
Eehhhhh... it wasn't really all that good!
Just so-so!
I really liked with The Secret app had to share on this particular day!  I am in total agreement!
And then it happened.... all 11+ minutes of the original rap song.  And yes, I knew the majority of the words!!  From, I suppose, high school!??!  I said, a hip hop a hibby to the hibby to hip hip the hop you don't stop a rockin to the bang bang boogie say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogety beat!!
Once back in the hotel, we took inventory of our treasures.
I bought these little perfume containers which all have holes for converting to necklaces.  The T Rex is for Emery.  The octopus is for me.
And this little tree of life is for my bud, Abigail.
I thought these little pallets would be super great for our kids' art classes.  Not sure yet when we will be using them, but I KNOW they will be used.
I tend to do that.  I see something that I think is unique, and I have to snatch it up.  I will figure out what to do with it in time.
DIdn't I already show JinJin's Liberace collection: The Pearl Years!?
JinJin always wants me to bring her back some bling.  So, this year, this was it.

And down there, turned sideways, is the haul for the day.  Look at all that fabulous turquoise!!
This is one of my favorite parts... looking at all the deliciousness when we get back in the room!
I was just totally in love with these wooden feathers.  I know they will make a fun class.  I bought complementary beads to go with the wood look.
And hey.... been meaning to ask this... who is this?!  Is it one of my bloggers?!  Is it you, Holly?!  I need to know!  It happened again yesterday on Instagram.  I don't "follow" people who I am not sure who it is.  So, speak up!  ANd thanks for liking all my pics!
Oh lawdy mercy... this booth was THE BOMB!!
But I think I've already talked about that booth.  SO, let's move on.  Did you know that Tucson is home to University of Arizona?!

Well... it is!

And two more little fun facts...
1.  The bingo number tonight is
 M =8!

I took these pics, so if you don't like the number, you can blame Keif!!  He's drawn more than one of them for me!

and 2.  Welcome to Lisa and Sami!!  My first two official participants in the upcoming MoJoy Color Finder Retreat.  It will be very similar to the last one, but not exact.  I need a little variety in my life, so there will be a few changes to the activities we do.  But... we will still have doing our strength test, analyzing the meaning of color, and doing a little soul searching amidst the painting and jewelry making!!  Lisa is coming from New Jersey!!  And Sami is coming down from Arkansas!  How bout dem apples?!  So, come on!!  You know you want to!  And I want you to, too!!  EXPLORE!

See y'all tomorrow.  



Karen said...

ONG,OMG I finally have a number, I am on a roll now! Bring on the rest of the numbers!

Karen said...

Finally I have a number. Yea!!! Me! Only four more to go!

Sending hugs, Karen

Kathryn said...

I have one number as well. The very first one drawn. Sitting there all lonesome with a red heart drawn on it to show it was called. *sigh*

LOL! Great post. Loved those beads. I am making myself NOT get too interested in making something with beads. I have such a backlog of things to make it isn't even funny.

Amy K said...

Yay! I now have two numbers.

Beth E. said...

Poop...I don't have this number, either! ;-)

Gosh, y'all bought some beautiful things in Tucson...I would definitely come back BROKE from a trip like that. What fun you had!

Holly said...

I'm so impressed you can decide on anything! There is so much gorgeous stuff in Tucson I would still be wandering around trying to make up my mind, OR end up spending all my money at the first booth! LOVE getting to see everything!

Guilty, Hartholk is me, I made a typo when setting up my account. Sounds like the Hulk! Love seeing those girlies!

On a side note, it was so nice seeing a picture of you and Hunter together! When my son was in high school he of course did not want to hug me when his friends were around so we had a silly handshake we did that they thought was hilarious but which we agreed meant I love you. He's a grown man now and we still often greet each other with the handshake!

Have a blessed day!
Holly and JakeDog

Shannon said...

Well what-do-ya-know! Finally a number!!!

Joleen said...

Those paint pallets and paint brushes are adorable! I am terrible about buying things that I like and figuring out what to do with it later. But, I still do it!

I have two numbers left to get for a MOJOY bingo! YAY! :)

I also follow you on Instagram, I am mamacrunchie.

Have a wonderful day!

Becky said...

still at just one number which was the same number I had in the 400Million power ball Wed. After seeing your daily loot I'm just wondering where you rented your tractor trailer to haul all that great stuff back! Have a blessed day., Becky

Becky said...

PS - I am so glad that chocolate desert was not very good or we wouldn't have even been able to see the plate. I laughed until I cried. Becky

kimybeee said...

Still no numbers. I will just keep my pretty blue card on the fridge with Ellie and Gg's pic and your Christmas card from last year!

Holly said...

I have 2 numbers!!!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽŠ

Unknown said...

I have 4 NUMBERS!!!