Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Words of the year

 So, my buddy, Suzy and I were out doing one of our multiple hour shopping trips at Hobby Lobby!  Hey, don't judge!!  It's the way we roll.  And anyway, we found these fun little wooden shapes, and I thought, this is it.  This is what I am going to do the words of the year on this year.  And so it began.

Her word was "endeavor".  And she found a definition which did it for her.  See above.
And then, I waited to see who'd be some of my first ones to comment.
 I even made one for a few of my buddies who commented on my requests for their own word of the year.

And that prompted me to find the meaning I most liked of my own word.  I sort of first thought of "explore" as travelling.  I do know I'll be travelling a lot this year.  I also thought it would work for my desire to get that Airstream and start some mobile retreats.  And then, I realized, that beginning to focus a little more on a new business venture (MoJoy) would also allow for the "purpose of discovery".  And I realized, I LOVED the word, "Explore"!
 I decided I'd make these little plaques this year as the representations of "words of the year".  I made this one for Pam.  I later added an eyehook and cute little ribbon to hang it, like an ornament.
 And then, Zhohn sent me her word... and all that she meant by it.  And I sort of got off to the races.  Hey... it happens!!
 Zhohn, do you like it? ! I can mail it to you next week if you'd like.  I just need your home address.  All those things on the periphery are the things you mentioned to me that you'd like to "Focus" on in 2014.
 I made this one, well... cause I do.
Actually, I gave it to one of the girls I coach.  I wanted her to remember that she does too!
 WHO told me that "renew" was their word?  For the life of me, I cannot find it.  But whoever it was said, "Mind, body and soul".  So, maybe that'll clue you in.  And ta-daaaah, you got a free one too!
 I'm going to be painting these for any of you who might want one.  I wanted to see if there was a desire for them.  I think they're precious.  And they are all different shapes, so you'll just have to wait and see what comes in the mail!!  If you have a few words of a favorite definition, you can send me that too.
 I really like the idea that they look like little ornaments, so that at the end of this year, they actually CAN be added to your tree.  I'll include the 2014 on it, so you can remember what you wanted to attract more of in this year.
 So, I'm putting it out there.  If you want one of these little plaques with your word on it, email me your word, a favorite definition if you want, and if there simply MUST be a particular color scheme, let me know that too.  Otherwise, it's my discretion!!  (I like it that way, if I'm being honest!!).  And I think these little babies will be $20.  I will ship them to you, so don't forget to put an address in that email too!!
I've been wanting to do these since the first week of the year, so I suppose I've been slacking.  Ha.  I don't like being "behind".  Glad to get this offer off my chest.  I think our words need to be PAINTED and REPRESENTED, so we can get busy and LIVE THEM OUT!!

Here we go.  Another Exploration!!




Mbeaty19 said...

Always love the different ways you represent your word each year. Love these little wooden plaques. What a great idea to turn them into ornaments to put on your tree at the end of the year. I'll have to see if I can find a little definition that truly captures my word this year: Health!
Can't wait to see more of your creations.

Beth E. said...

RENEW is my word! I wrote a blog post about it. How exciting to see that you made something for me...thank you! :)

kimybeee said...

You know I am a chronic believe! I even have the tattoo to prove it lol. Talk about painting it on as a reminder!! I have even managed to pick up several new signs and ornaments the last few months.

Love the signs - I think the endeavor one is my fave! I had a crafty urge today and my craft table has two big air conditioners sitting on it - so no crafting for me.

Debbye said...

Absolutely love these! As a frequent reader since the caringbridge days (and infrequent commenter) I'm always so impressed by your amazing artistic talent and the creative ways you express yourself. If you ever find your way out to the west coast please let us know!

Amy K said...

Oh, I LOVE these wooden pieces! I also love my canvas words, but if you do these again next year, maybe I'll request wood instead of the canvas, for a change of pace.

Zhohn said...

I LOVE IT! The colors are perfect. Really love them all lol. I'll email you.

I hope you get your airstream this year. :) you're traveling and got MoJoy going... Next is the airstream!

SamC said...

So cute! I found a few things at Hobby Lobby (don't judge me either) with my word on them... happiness. :)

I also have as the background for my computer at work the saying "There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy."

connie said...

I gave you my word when you asked but I cant find it now. if you find it can you paint me one thanks I love your painting you are awesome at it... I will try to remember it..

Unknown said...

I love my happy! I can't decide if I want to take it to the office or have it at home.