Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Elaina's shower.

 Car selfie!!!  Had to send a picture to Polly to show her that I did actually get up and fix my hair.  That is nothing short of a small miracle!

The problem is that I still have no idea how to work a straight iron other than to totally straighten hair.  I can't do all that fancy swooshing on the bottom, so I'm using hot rollers.  So, I'll just look pageant-esque for the next few months.  "I just want world peace!".
 My little Gabster and I hit up Waffle House Sunday morning, bright and early.  Dude... that place was hopping.  I might have to go back this week, just to see all my old friends!!  Who knew?!
 And later in the day... this happened!!
 Mary Allison's sister, Elaina, is getting married very soon.  My girls are flower girls. MA is, of course, in the wedding as well.  It will all be taking place in New Orleans, so ROOOOAD TRIIIIP!!  I think I'm feeling a little "exploring" coming on!!  Our hotel is situated such that a streetcar will be our mode of transportation.  And she is getting married inside the famous Audobon Zoo.  Very authentic New Orleans wedding.  Should be a ball!
 And just so many people love those girls!!  That's MA's new stepmom, Staci, in the black and white stripe.  She is also the one who takes lots of my girls' professional photos.  Lurking behind me is Faith, a friend from way back and Paula is trying to smell my essence.   Then, to the far right is Judy, Elaina's "second mama" and Pammy's best friend for years and years and years, and her daughter Julieanne.  CoCo, if you remember her from babysitting at the beach, is Julieann's older sister.  Dontcha love how I feel the need to introduce you to my world?!
 Of course, Elaina HOOKED UP!!
 She got lots and lots of goodies, as this shower ranged from her high school buds to college buds to mamas of her friends, to friends of her mamas, to grandmothers, and of course all her family.  It was a pretty big one!
 We three cheesers had to stop for a party pic!!
 And here is the bride to be!  Isn't she gorgeous?!  I can't wait to see her on her big day.  When I tell you she and her husband to be, Ryan, look like models in all their New Orlean based engagement photos, I do not lie!!  They are just gorgeous.  And clearly very happy together!
 I wish them a very happy marriage!  That has to be one of life's greatest gifts!!  A happy marriage!

And look...
Is this a sign that spring is coming?!  My girls are out of school again today due to temperatures.  In the 20's.  Don't laugh, South Dakota!!



Kathryn said...

I love Johnny Jump-ups! That and crocus mean Spring around here. Won't see them for a while. Love your new hair, too.

Unknown said...

We are on day two of snow days two, with no snow..... boo.... Love seeing all the love that y'all show your friends!

Steph said...

We are out of school today and probably tomorrow for 3 inches of snow and ice on the ground in the Atlanta area! We might not get back all week. For the people up north this is nuts, but we aren't use to it and not very good drivers in it. We had accidents all of the place.

Happy marriage to the Elaina! Such an exciting time.

Shannon said...

Out of school for temps? Ain't you people in WM got heaters? Ha!

SamC said...

Love the pansies. I had some planted, but, our very small baby goat, Lacie, who gets out of the fence all the time, ate mine. Oh well, I hope she enjoyed them.

If you get a chance, look up Kevin Gillentine's art business in NO. We grew up together here in North Mississippi.

It was 7 here this morning. I was thinking some pink camo coveralls would have been nice when I had to start my car. It will be 60 here Saturday. Only in the south!

Shannon said...

What a great shower!!
It is currently 10 degrees here in Nebraska, but supposed to get into the low 40's today and then fall again tomorrow with snow all day Friday. Yuck! Can I rent out the cottage?
Have a great day!

Sharidrew said...

I love that you introduce the people in your life/photo's. And for you, it's like writing names on the back of the photo's so when you are old and senile, you will know who they are! :) JK. Kind of. :) I bet that will be a wonderful and beautiful wedding! And, we Missourians would love to see temps in the 20's! We had a late start Monday for windchills in the minus 20's! But I'm sure that is a shock for you southerners!

Hugs from Missouri,

Sharidrew said...
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Monica said...

Temps's in the 20's.....that's it???? :) I'm from Wisconsin and Monday was 13 below zero with a wind chill of minus 33....and the school district we live in did NOT cancel school. Tuesday was pretty much the same temps...maybe a bit colder and finally they cancelled school. Today (Wednesday) the temp started out minus 13 but it is suppose to warm up today to 16 degrees....that's a heat wave for us considering the temps we've had lately. Cute picture of your girls yesterday.....had to laugh...if I took a picture of my daughter outside this time of year you would see many layers of winter coat, snow pants, hat, scarf and gloves. Take Care & Keep Warm!!!

kimybeee said...

-4 here in wv this morning. My man child has hardly been in school all month. He is a senior and they are threatening having them go back to school after graduation. Between the weather and the water contamination they had in our neighboring counties the whole state has been out of school most of January!

Ironically my daughter that is in school in the northern part of the state has only missed a couple days lol. We have had way more bad weather than she has in the big mountains!

Can't wait to see pics of the wedding - I imagine it will be super beautiful!

Jeni said...

Seriously 20 degrees Oh Lawd! If I was skinny I would wear a bikini in that weather. Just saying. : )

On a serious note I know that is cold for LA. Have a friend in Baton Rouge that had to spend the night at the office due to the weather.

Stay safe and warm!

Elizabeth said...

What a special time! There is nothing better than creating happy memories!

Elizabeth said...

What a special time! There is nothing better than creating happy memories!

Amy K said...

Beautiful selfie! A bunch of beautiful gals in this post. Can't wait to see the pictures from your trip to the wedding.