Monday, January 27, 2014

Today!! My girls and art class.

 Can you believe this?!  These pics were actually taken TODAY!!  Usually,  I am a week or two behind.  But, these are authentically the exact thing that happened today.  Well, these and about 75 patients or so in the two West Monroe clinic.  But that's just "lagniappe".  Ha!  It pays the bills.
 Some of you see my daily pic of the #grovesgirls.  Well, it usually takes a few pics to get the one we like the most.  Usually, while we are still in the neighborhood, I let Ellie Sue pick out the one she likes the most.  Then, I add it to intagram, add the fun filters which make the pic look like I'm more talented than I am, and usually tag it to Facebook... all before we are out of the neighborhood and definitely before we get to school.   You're welcome.  ha
 And it really IS a hard decision.  I mean, this is a whole lotta cuteness.  And YES.. there IS bribery involved!!
 Flash forward to the afternoon.... we learned to do print making in art class today.
 Addison, here, made hearts to use on her Valentines.
 And Noah's was one of my FAVORITES!!  I absolutely LOVE his little cupid!!
 My sweet Gabster is in our Monday class.  She was already working on her letters of gratitude to her "friends".  Her first one was written to Kimie!!

 This is our 5-year-old table.  They DEFINITELY need more one-on-one attention than the rest of the class.  We might have a 5 and 6 year old class (only) in the future!!
 Look, Kimie... maybe a little misspelled, but a good attempt either way!
 I called Whitney (the blondie) over from the therapy clinic to help Emery.  Having our art studio directly across from MMPT has been WONDERFUL!!  It's back and forth whenever needed to address the needs of both places.
 Miss Ella's little brother comes to therapy.  She and her family actually live in our old house.  And they love it like we did, so they're the perfect folks to occupy old Standard Reed Circle.
 Here is Gabbi's best friend, AnnaBeth.  And AnnaBeth's mama, Beth.  They wanted their first pic to be with her!!
 And then there's this one all by themselves.  They are two peas in a pod!!
 All of the kids' designs were so cute.
 and then we let them go crazy with washi tape to decorate the envelopes.

 So, they drew their designs, created the prints on foam, and used brayers to roll the paint onto the prints and then to transfer them onto the cards.

 It got a little messy there for a while.  But it was so worth it.  They took their prints home, so they have the opportunity to recreate as many as they like, for instance, for all their classmates, as Valentines, should they so desire.
 I LOVED Miss Emma Claire's happy little bird print.
 ANd Karissa's happy, singing bird.
 Pretty great craft, I think.  And it made us stop and focus on the people in our lives who mean the most to us.
And speaking of that, thanks to those of you who took the time to make a Google account so you could comment on the blog.  That's awesome!! I appreciate it!  And I am also letting many of you know that I presently have a system for the Bingo cards.  I won't reply to your email or even open it for that matter until I have a Bingo card in front of me to add your address to.  So, don't be offended if I didn't reply...yet!  I ordered more cards (I've already filled out about 130!), and hope to get those tomorrow.  The official game starts on Valentine's Day.

I go to Tucson next week.  Just sayin.  Cause I can hardly contain my excitement!!



Mbeaty19 said...

Such creative kids you have in your groups. Yes I have to agree having a 5 & 6 only class would probably benefit everyone. Love seeing their creations and seeing your girls be active participants too. I think it's great that they aren't on the same class too. Gives them more creative freedom. You can certainly see how much Gabbi enjoys having her friends with her in class. Looking forward to your next post and more inspiration. Loved the random post also. I have several computer files full of samples of craft ideas like that. Glad I'm not the only one!

Beth E. said...

What great Valentines! When I was that age, cutting hearts out of construction paper was a big event for me. ;-)

kimybeee said...

How did this work? I am curios cause I really liked it!

Unknown said...

I look forward to your Groves girls' picture every morning! I love to see what they are wearing. It always makes me smile!

Kathryn said...

Lovelovelove those cards! Wonderful way to help make a memory!

Amy K said...

Great creations!
I love the daily pictures of your girls on Instagram/Facebook.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Craft foam. Draw design into it with a ballpoint pen. Apply paint to the etched side with a brayer. Flip it over onto cardstock. Use another brayer to roll over the foam. And voila!! Super easy. Super cute!

Holly said...

I always love seeing the Groves Girlies morning picture! It starts my day off with a smile! I know how long you prayed to be a mama and it:

a. Makes me happy to my core for you

b. Is a reminder of God's love for us and that His timing is always perfect!

Have a blessed day - you've already blessed mine!

Holly and JakeDog

kimybeee said...

Just a thin sheet of foam? Looks like fun!

Becky said...

for those of us who are craft challenged, even the directions above are beyond me. When I see Gabs in her braid, boots and longer dress it reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. I am so happy she has a friend in class with her.