Monday, January 27, 2014

WHew. I am one tired puppy!

 Ya know, I agree with that above statement!!  And because of it, you rarely get to hear me complain.  But tonight, I am WHIPPED!!  I am taking the national certification exam to be a certified pelvic floor practitioner in physical therapy.  And there is a lot to learn.  And well, I have those two little girls who need me.  And a husband who needs me.  And a house that requires me some.  And I run two fairly busy businesses.  and....
 well, that leaves me pretty strapped for time where it pertains to fecal incontinence.
So, this will be an extremely random post!  I have been taking screensshots of things I just "like".  I absolutely LOVE the people I follow on instagram, as most of them are artists, so there is just a plethora of ideas!!  I think I might want this chick to come on down to the new studio and teach a lettering class.  That could be cool!

Remember that time I went to the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Winter meeting?  Yeah.  Me too.  I am going to do that again!!  It just came too early in my year of EXPLORation, or I'd have made it happen!
 And with the sign below.... I totally concur!
 This was texted to me from Todd the Bod on the type of washing detergent we use so I could stop by the store and bring some home.  I swear if he hadn't done that, I'd have had no idea.  Bless his heart.
 Somebody MADE these cute business cards.  They later striped al of the edges.  Ummm... no ma'am.  I'll take a printing press anyday.  They're cute and all, but umm nope. "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"
 I'm not entirely sure what a "bunting" is, but this reminded me of our handmade journals from our retreat in the fall.  So inspiring!
 I screenshotted this too.  Not entirely sure why.  But when I was uploading the pics for my blog last night, this was in the bunch.  Maybe that means somebody needed to see it?!  SO, this is for that person.  You CAN repair your body.
Ok.  Well, work is calling.  Many of you who got me your addresses for the Bingo cards mentioned that you don't have a Google account, therefore can't comment on the blog.  Well, how about this be the day you change that?!  Where you go to comment, I'm pretty sure, they give you a spot to click something about "google account".  Just set one up.  Then type it in your phone, if you're like me, so you won't forget it.  And then we can be friends!!  I've been jazzed the last two to three days from all the comments on my blog.  I need to give prizes away more often!!

Have a good week!!


Zhohn said...

Take care of yourself. I love the "make pretty things".

Good luck with your exam and preparing for it.

Mama J said...

Good luck with your exam. I am sure you will ace it. As followers of your blog, it also makes us happy and 'feel the love' when you respond to us. Thanks for making that effort.

Unknown said...

FINALLY set up a Google account so I could comment! Didn't realize it was so easy or I'd done it YEARS ago! :)
Have a great day!

SamC said...

You can do it Mo!! I believe in you! :)

I need to find the stop smoking thing for my son. He is 23 and has been smoking since he was 18. Can't figure it out for the life of me. I have never smoked. Never. Never tried it, never wanted to try it. The fact that he does weighs heavy on my heart. He watched his grandfather die from lung cancer back in 1999. You would think that would have scared the bajeebees out of him but it didn't.

Joleen said...

I love your blog, prizes or no prizes, just thought it was more to create a google account.

Good luck on your exam and all that comes with it. I have no doubt you will do awesome!

Have a great day!

kimybeee said...

If you are giving prizes to commenters, you owe a few of us a butt load of prizes! Lol lol

I have no idea how you get through a day! I know you have surrounded yourself with a lot of great people - but you must have days you don't want to crawl out of bed!!

Keep on truckin and sharin!

Becky said...

Just got to read Saturday's blog about the kiln - I am so excited. I have the cross and necklace from when you were making them while Jake was at ST Judes. My co-worker has always wanted my cross but I couldn't let her have it. Let me know when you are going to have some to sell - she wants Believe on her cross just like is on mine. Becky in NC

Unknown said...

Yay for prizes and comments!! I know I say it all the time, but girl..... You are a busy bee!! I LOVE the picture that Todd sent you on the laundry detergent! That was too cute!

simplykristi said...

I will play if I can! :)

Unknown said...

Finally figured out my Gmail account info so I can comment!

Unknown said...

Got the GOOGLE!!!!

Amy K said...

I've got some CD Muckosky digital scrapbooking supplies. Love her alphas!
All the best in preparing for your certification.
Can't wait to see how the whole Bingo thing is going to work.

Unknown said...

I would like to play and I love your blog.

Unknown said...

Good luck and be the fine puppy, have a nice day