Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thanks, DeeDee and Granddad.

Christmas never ends around here.  Ha.  Really, it actually has ended, but the pictures have got to tell the story!!  So, DeeDee and Granddad now live in West Monroe, as you know.  And so instead of us all having to ship our gifts to one another, they were able to come right over and we had a fun trade day with them present!

As I sat on the floor I looked up and liked this view.  This particular family tree is gigantic.  Just sayin'!
More than anything else, Gabbi wanted a drum.  And a piano!
And so... she got one.  Granddad made sure it was a "Real" one too!!  Yay for me and Todd!!
I don't know if these videos will actually play (for some reason I usually can't get them to), but I posted them on here anyway... at least you can see some Gabbi movement and FEEL her joy!

I had gotten this super fabulous poncho and scarf from Linda Lou.  She knows me well!!
Linda Lou also bought both the girls fringy hot pink boots!!  Very cool.  Ellie approved!
And this is what I got from DeeDee and Granddad.  It was on my wish list.  I know, I know.. I'm a nerd.  But I LOVE what I am learning from this book so far!
Dont you even think that Christmas pictures are over on this blog.  I seem to be running a couple (or more!!) weeks behind on the ol bloggola, so hang in there with me.

Merry Christmas!



kimybeee said...

I want to see the ballet tree lol

I love your huge tree. Actually I love all your decorations! I love the eclitic style you embrace.

Where have the krinkles or kringles or whatever they are called gotten off to. Haven't seen them since maybe the old house.

And did you ever do anything with the old house or is it still sitting full of the stuff you didn't move lol

I have been around a long time - I can remember silly stuff like this, just not what I did yesterday lol

melanie, aka Mo said...

Still use the Krinkles every year in decorating! Old house was paid OFF last month! That's a good notice to get in the mail!! It's being rented by a family we love.

kimybeee said...

That is good to know about the house.

And I still want to see the krinkles lol

Amy K said...

Rock on, Gabbi!
I love that I got to see your beautiful decorations in person. It changes my perspective as I read & look at pictures on your blog.

Holly said...

Love all the picture! It's never too late!

Kathryn said...

Fun! This year we had all the children, their spouses, and the two Grandgirlies here, AND both our mothers. What a wonderful thing. John's mother (88) flew in from KY. She made it! We had such fun, and our mothers loved seeing everyone.

Unknown said...

So fun!! Love that Dee Dee and Granddad live close to y'all now!!

Kris Dowler said...

Love the Christmas pics, no matter when they appear. The joy in Gabbi's face is priceless.