Friday, January 31, 2014

Inspire your little socks off!!

 I can't help it... I LOVE inspirational quotes.  LOVE them.  I like to surround myself with them, as if they are my mantras!  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the one above earlier this week.
 I'll be posting most of the rest of these somewhere along the way.  It typically just depends on my mood!  If I need to fill my cup with some "goodness", I'll post positivity.  You can't exactly post something like that below then go grumping along all day.
 And whoa, nelly...  how bout this next one?!  That is some serious seriousness right there!!
 And I am so much realizing the importance of this one.  I see patients who are in their 60s or so who have waited all their lives to retire and take it easy and travel, and.... whatever.  And then, they unexpectedly have a stroke or a spinal cord injury, and travelling or "living the good life" is suddenly not quite as attainable as they'd once dreamed it'd be.  Of course, it is still all a mindset, regardless of their physical situation, but certainly things would have been easier without the physical struggle.  And for that reason, I am choosing EXPLORE this year.
 I really DO want to be in love with my life.  I want to "fall in love" with lots of things.  I want to explore opportunities, places, experiences....
 And I want to take people with me.  Jessi and I will be going to Tucson next week.  Emery and I will be heading to North Carolina in a month or so too.  Then, we are taking the baby chillen to Colorado in March too.  I am for sure living out my word of "Explore".
 And that's all just in the next month!!  Oh, and somewhere in there, I am also going to Dallas to a continuing education class on chronic pain, which is going to be absolutely AWESOME!  And I'll be taking the national certification exam for being a Physical Rehab Pelvic Floor Practitioner. Wish me luck.   I have for sure realized that my old brain doesn't work anything like it used to!!

 For sure I am not wasting my life.  I do NOT want to look back on things and regret what I didn't do.
For instance, taking the opportunity when it presented itself to rent the building across the street across from MMPT.  It was a great move.  My kids love to come hang out in the art studio, and I think I mentioned that when we schools were closed this week, the employees' kids came to the studio, made art, ordered pizza, and made things very easy on their working parents!!  Todd the Bod even set up a big screen movie with a projector for them.  
 Not entirely sure what Gabs is doing here.  But, I DO know that these boots need to make it to Breckenridge.  (and hopefully to meet " Diana from Colorado").
 Does anybody out there have experience with sensory integration therapy?!  If so, this is SO classic!!  Maggie?!

Oh yeah... I LOVE this one too.  It'll be on my instagram status soon!

 And I LOVE this... can you read it?!  It says, "The key to life is to be happy with or without money.  Money only magnifies who you really are."  Ain't that the truth.  I know some very well off people who are just plain ugly.  And some who are totally giving and beautiful.  And the same goes for poor.  Some who wouldn't be happy if they won the lottery tomorrow.  And some who couldn't care less if they never did.  They're just happy period.
 This is the day our schools were closed for weather.  Don't be judging!  ha.  It doesn't get into the 20s very often here.  (those are the bricks from my great grandmother's fireplace when they tore it down.  I COULD not see them go to waste.  SO, I made a little patio outside my bathroom window where I could look over them from my tub!)
 My cousin, Cherry, sent me this Pin.  So hilarious!
 ANd this one I sent to one of my front desk girls who loves chocolate as much as I do.  Anytime I find a new candy, I buy two... one for me and one for her.  And she brings me prizes too.  And we have BOTH done this.  Shamefully.
 OH man.  Did I really just post this?!
 This is what my EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING looks like.  Miss Twilight Sparkles thinks she need to balance on my one leg while I am getting dressed.  She is still her dad's baby every evening.  But, in the mornings, for some strange reason, she loves to hang out with me.
 And finally, courtesy of Dawn Pierce, .... um, yeah.  WHY IS THAT?!
Check ya later.



Amy K said...

As you know, I also love inspirational quotes. Many of your pins make it onto my board too.
I cannot wait to read your Tucson post(s)...always a favorite.

Kathryn said...

I like those quotes. I have a bucket of them as well!

Unknown said...

Love inspirational quotes too!!

Sandy P said...

Hey Mel If you are going to Breck, I need to give you the name of a guy teaching lesson to little ones. He is my sister's neighbor and awesome with new little skiers. When in March are you going. We are there late March. It would be fun to overlap.

melanie, aka Mo said...

First week of March. And the girls WILL be in ski school, so give me his name. That's be cool to hook up with him!

kimybeee said...

Lol. Some good stuff!

The Mommy said...

I, too, enjoy and employ inspirational quotes. I pin many! When I need them I just head to my pinterest quote board and fill myself up. I keep some around the house too, but I only have so much room!

Sometimes, all we need is a little inspiration!


Susan Hooper said...

Love reading the positive quotes on your blog!!!

Susan Hooper said...

I look forward to reading your blog. You are an inspiration!!!

Mbeaty19 said...

Love inspirational quotes and could spend all day on Pinterest pinning thousands of them. I love that no matter the day or situation I always seem to find a quote that exactly fits how I'm feeling.
Every day I observe my son as he deals with his sensory issues. When I saw the picture the other day I giggled to myself.
Sounds like a lot of exploring going on. Looking forward to hear all the stories and seeing the pictures.
Thanks for always taking the time to share these quotes and please know I am always following your pins to find new quotes that help renew myself and share with others.

Lori Curran said...

This is JUST what I needed to read this morning! Thanks for the inspiration - I am settling in for a full day of homework and needed a little "attitude adjustment"!

Lori from Oregon

melanie, aka Mo said...

I'm right there with ya on "homework"! Ugh. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?! Eye in the prize!

Beth E. said...

I think you need to explore Southwest Virginia! Just sayin'...

Becky said...

Love all the inspiration. Schools here in NC took a real beating about closing with no snow on the ground - but then came the ice and snow the next day so they missed the rest of last week. What part of NC are you coming too? Becky

Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

Haha, it's all about finding the right balance of tactile input, isn't it! :)
I saw this yesterday and I'm definitely guilty of #3 ALL THE TIME:

(But never #10 - nothing but love for the OTs in my life!)

Oh, and I got my BINGO card today!! Hooray :)