Monday, December 30, 2013

The Christmas parade with Todd and three cute girlies.

So let's flash way on back to that time I was supposed to be stuck in the bed with a stinkin' hysterectomy!  Yeah.  I remember that!  My mom kindly took the girls to the Ballet Company's breakfast with the dancers.  Ellie and Gabbi are close to one of the stars of the show, our summer sitter, Sarah!
Yeah, welllll.... I couldn't stand sitting in that bed, so when my girls got home from that, we went ahead and hit the pavement to go to our downtown Christmas parade.  I was holding my side up with my own hand to keep the stitches from gapping, but I hobbled my little ailing butt down there!
And buddy... it was C.O.L.D.!!  I mean, not "cold" like Amy K Cold up there in Wisconsin, but for Louisianians, it was blistering!  or is that blustering?!
We took Madi Boo, cause, well, she pretty much lives with us on the weekends.  Ellie can't take being alone for a full two days without entertainment and her partner in crime.
What barracade?!

And look at this precious little thing.  She was also freezing, and I was able to convince all of the baby girls to wear their gloves.

They were getting a BIG SWAG BAG!!
After getting three huge bags of J.U.N.K., we headed out to get the best pizza in town... Johnny's Pizza. I have no idea how this picture got in the middle of this stream of photos. But... enjoy.
Gabbi LOVED the parade.  She yelled and waved at every single float.

Daddy-O went with us too.  He even carried the bags for the girls.
I was too busy holding up my uterusless abdomen.

I was glad to get out of the bed and go enjoy the day with these sweet girlies.  But... I can tell you, in retrospect, I PAID for that "fun" weekend!!
Kimmybee, you've mentioned your being down with your recent hysterectomy.  Well, again... if I were to advise anyone in the future having this surgery, I'd say stay in the bed for two weeks.  A FULL two weeks!
(But deep down, I'd NEVER give up these photos and memories for a little speedier recovery)  Just sayin.


Oh... and I am going to get more organized with my blogging in 2014.  WHat types of things are your favorite blog subjects?!  I need to know..... inspirational sayings?  inspiring ideas as seen and found on instagram and pinterest?  stories of my babies/ family?  crafty ideas?  Come on... let's hear it... give me some feedback peeps. The more specific you are, the better it helps me.


Angie R. said...

I love reading all about your family and your adventure. I also love the crafty posts.

Angie R. said...
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Angie R. said...

I love reading all about your family and your adventure. I also love the crafty posts.

Amy K said...

Oh yeah, it's cold here alright! -13 degrees yesterday morning, and 6-8 inches of snow on the way today. But, we love our variety of all 4 seasons. Thanks for the shout out!
The parade looks like a lot of fun, despite the cold, and you being post-surgery.
As far as blog posts, I of course, love reading about your baby girls, any and all things random, your art, inspirational posts, trips, the BAH, MMPT, the ever-changing and ever-growing MoJoy...pretty much everything you're doing now...keep on, keeping on!
HAPPY NEW YEAR Groves family!

Unknown said...

Love reading about your precious girls and family! !

Holly said...

Love reading about your sweet family, and seeing pics of your sweet girlies! (By the way, LOVE that scarf Ellie was wearing at the parade and Gabs was wearing the other day! Those little balls are adorable! Is it red and green? Sometimes it almost looks pink!). I also like to see your artwork! The John Maxwell and inspirational things are also some of my favorites too! I would just love to come to a retreat like your last one that combines art and personal growth! My husband HATES to be left alone. (I always tell young women about to marry, get this straight before you say I do! You both stop growing in certain ways when you are joined at the hip!) So I guess to recap, you're doing great!

I hope you feel much better in 2014! Thanks for being my friend and brightening my mornings! And for helping me examine my life and look for ways to be better!

Happy New Year!
Holly & JakeDog

Zhohn said...

I love everything you post! Your family of course is number one, the random ones are fun, we all need the inspirational posts but you're always inspiring :)
Wishing you and your family a blessed and fulfilled 2014!

Shannon said...

Craft stuff, painting, jewelry. I love your creativity. E & G adventures. It's all good - just keep 'em coming.

kimybeee said...

I spent an extra night in the hospital and wish I had spent two! My two weeks is today and I have laid low. Just going to family and sitting on Christmas Eve left me home in bed Christmas Day.

Jeff and I have had appts to go to a few days, but otherwise have stayed put. We did go to friends house last night for New Years and just sat around talking.

I has to have an abdomenable hysterectomy because they couldn't stand me on my head for the robot because of my heart I am still wearing the external defibrillator till at least march 4th. I work at the hospital and know the anesthesiologist that put me to sleep. He gave me an epidural for pain relief that I had more than 48 hours after surgery. Which also meant being strapped to the bed and a catheter because I couldn't feel when I needed to go. By knowing the team that took care of me I was treated like a queen! On the other hand, plenty of coworkers have seen my lady parts lol.

I had a spot removed on my leg right before my hyster that turned out to be malignant. So now I get to see a plastic surgeon and another set of coworkers gets to see me naked woo hoo lol

I have no idea how you have kept up the pace you have! My husband knows I am great with pain and he has even commented on this slowing me down more than usual! At least it is over and done with and I don't have that bother anymore.

Hope you have a blessed and wonderful 2014!

P.s. Don't forget to share a pic of your ballet tree!