Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More fabulous inspiration.

So, I am laid up.  ANd by laid up... I mean I have been in the bed about 90% of the day.  I don't do "down" very well at all!  But, I do NOT want to be back in surgery because I messed up my internal stitches, so I am doing my best to lay low.  And while I am here, I am Pinteresting, instagramming, and BLOGGING!  Here are a few of the fun things I have been screenshotting and filling my phone's camera roll with...

I just like the display and way they showed off their jewelry.
And I LOVE the idea of making feathers out of old books.  I could see them dipped in glitter too!
And my friend, Lindsay made this cool wooden tree.  I would love to make this, but unless I decide to take a Christmas where I don't get out my usual decorations, I just do not have any more room.  And I love my current decs, but I swear, I sometimes get tired of them and think, let's just change it all up.  Todd would kill me!
I love the idea of maps of places we've traveled in the year.  GREAT idea!
And I LOVE this!!

ANd I think drinking out of ornaments is a super great idea!!
I have, like, four more Christmas parties on my schedule for my house, so we are going to do this at at least one of them!!   Here are the details...
This is the first year that I have sort of been into vintage ornaments.  My dad called me recently to go with him to a garage sale where I found the coolest things!! Lots of old costume jewelry that I cannot wait to take apart and repurpose.  There were also tons of super awesome Christmas ornaments, from probably the 40's and 50's.  SO, SO cute.  Again... no room at the inn!  What's a girl to do?!  I even decorated the cottage this year, and STILL have some of my "old" decorations left over.  WOuld y'all like to see a tour of the house all decorated?!  I think I did it last year, and not much is different, but I'll be glad to send you on a tour if you want!
ANd is this not the cutest advent calendar?!  I LOVE it!  Just a bunch of seemingly handmade envelopes!  So cute.
I've STILL never done an advent calendar with my girls.  I mean, we have the elves everyday.... and it seems that sometimes, it just gets to be overkill.  It seems like a good idea, but dang!
I'm making this ruler thingy for a cousin.  Cousin, are you reading my blog?!
Good mantra above!
Everybody in my family says I'm hard to buy for.  I always have to send them ideas!  If any of them are reading, I'd like to have this book.  Just sayin'.

Ok... random thoughts for tonight.  I'll now shift to my other side and keep on lying here.!  ugh



Zhohn said...

I always enjoy when you share the pics in your pics. Hope you continue to rest and take it easy!

Mary T said...

Glad you're taking time to rest and heal. Those stitches are very important :) Glad all went well for you and hoping you're up and at 'em soon! How fun rest can be though when you have pinterest. How about you keep passing along all the awesome ideas you find so I can just check in here.

Lori Curran said...

Hey Melanie! Just had to comment since I saw you had surgery. I still keep up as much as I can with your blog - but I have gone back to school now and that means most of my reading brain cells are geared towards my studies! Just wanted you to know that I prayed as soon as I saw what kind of surgery you had (welcome to the club - hister sister!) as I had one quite a few years back. I really love your posts lately on all things inspirational - they really strike a chord with me personally as of late. Anyway, just wanted to say hello from the cold but awesomely green state of Oregon! Blessings to you!

Lori from Oregon

kimybeee said...

You will survive lol. I am sure you can use the rest!

Beth E. said...

Just think of this time of rest as recharging your battery...you'd give the Energizer Bunny a run for his money! Be sure to take time to rest and rejuvenate. Get well, soon! :-)

connie said...

I love your pics ohh where do I find the book you showed on jewelry? I trying to get more into jewelry making I hope you recover nicely. we can chat on fb if you want too I am on a lot.. sending speedy recovery wishes to you..

Auntie Mip said...

Be well friend. I had my hysterectomy 7 years ago. It was my 14th surgery...you may remember as you created an awesome talisman that represented each and every one. Anyway even though it was with the Da Vinci Robot and supposed to be a faster recovery, I had pretty serious complications and was exhausted. Remember Mo, I am a nurse...it can take 6 - 12 months to recover from anesthesia. Take care of your self okay? Promise???

Sharidrew said...

YES!! Share your house decorations! I love your house and even if they are the same, it's still fun to see all the great decorations. You go to a lot of work, show it off! Hope you follow doctor's orders and recover quickly. Enjoy your "down" time and know it won't be forever. Take care!

Hugs from Missouri,

Lisa said...

Rest up and be well. Would love to see your decorated home again!

Holly said...

Take care of yourself sweet girlie! Love to see a Christmas tour!

Holly & JakeDog

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I am so glad to hear that all went well & you are back home resting. I'm sure Ellie & Gabbi are busy taking care of you and of course Todd.
Try & enjoy your down time, you need it.
Have a great day!
Diana from Colorado