Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A little of this and a little of that.

 Let's do one more random blog.  And tomorrow, there may be one more guest blogger to tell her experience at the Colorfinder 1.0 retreat!  Hey, Riley... you ready?!

Those ornaments above are the simple, flat, plaster ones that go on sale at HObby Lobby for less than a buck!  And now I am dying to get some and try my hand at painting designs like that on them!!
 As for the picture above... hey, Lissy... I think I might need a big fat gator in my house!  Or... it'd make a cool Mr. P's tee design.  Just to be used as "inspiration" of course.

So, who's working on their December Daily scrapbook?  You KNOW I am!  ANd I even did a whole album for Gabbi's teacher!  Complete with a kit so she has no excuses.  All she has to do is print the pics.  I gave her all the embellishments she will need.  I am in the midst of shooting LOTS of pics to Walgreen's right now.  I have been doing the DD albums for years.  They are among my favorites!
 But the organization of that scrapper, above, has my head spinning.  It would be easy to feel less than adequate should one find herself in THAT art room!
 I wish I did more with yarn and thread and fabric.  Just sayin'.
 I really love this saying!  I think I might paint it for my girls' bathroom.  That way they can fight over who they think I am referring to!
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!  I just don't know if I can actually glue my vintage ornaments, recently acquired, onto anything yet.  I want to use them in the most perfect way!  Which means they will stay in the box for years!!  ha

 Did anyone see this on Pinterest?!  This is a hoot!!  Have I already posted this pic?!  If so, sorry...enjoy again!
 and who is that person that you screenshot and send these ecards to!?  Mine is for SHO, Jessi!!  Especially the ones which refer to our being hilarious... but only to each other!
 Or those with questionable language.  But hey... this is funny!  I don't care who you are!
 Randomness continued.... yes, I DID pack my girls' lunches in cute little containers and even quartered those suckers!!
 And everyday for about two weeks, we took pictures in this same spot as we left our driveway so we could see how much the leaves were changing.  I was just blown away at the colors of the leaves this year... and right outside our house!

 We are lucky peeps to get to see this view everyday on the way out of the 'hood!

 And upon returning, this black squirrel was in our driveway.  Can you see him?!
 I think they are pretty rare.  But we have one living in our front yard!!! Thus concluding random blog post number 3, 122.
See y'all in the am.  I'll be lying in my bed all day again!!  Until it is time to host a party which I already had planned.  Don't worry.. one can host a party from the couch, and wearing pajamas!!  And that is exactly what I intend to do!!



Shannon said...

Paula Deen/Katy Perry - hilarious. I seriously had to put my hands around the gray hair and block it out...and sure nuf! Hysterical!

Unknown said...

Love the random posts!