Thursday, December 12, 2013

MoJoy Color Finder 1.0 - Day 2

I realized well after the fact that I didn’t introduce myself on the day 1 blog.  For those of you just now reading, I’m Riley!  I am a Child Life Specialist from Texas and this was my 3rd retreat to attend.  I love Mo, the BAH, and of course the art that are all part of the retreat experience.  I also blog over at Homegrown Joy about life happenings.  If you haven’t already realized this, I am a very detailed person and enjoying blogging about ALL the details.
I was also the one responsible for asking Mo to decorate for Christmas prior to our arrival. The decorations are even more spectacular in person!
I got to stay in Gabbi’s room and wake up to morning light spilling through the window. This was also the morning I woke up early to bake the croissants and instagram Friday night pictures.
Friday evening after the planned activities were over, a few of us stayed up to work on our journals.  With enough encouragement from me, Jennifer got brave and tried out the gouache.  She couldn’t wait to show Mo her ombre watercolor in the morning!
Before we knew it, it was time to talk more about John Maxwell’s invaluable laws of growth.  Friday we cover intention, Saturday we covered awareness and environment, and Sunday we wrapped up with the law of the rubber band.
The first project of the day was collaborative canvases.  Mo has been posting her mother/daughter art and thought it would translate well for the retreat.  The idea behind collaborative canvases is everyone contribute to each person’s canvas while learning new techniques and using new tools.
Mo had stations set with acrylic paint pens, comb/scrapers, oil crayon things (not sure what they’re called, rubber stamps, brayers, stencils, sprays, rub-ons, and foam pouncers.
The hardest part was not influencing others about what you wanted on your canvas.  They got to choose what colors and how much paint should go on your canvas.
Letting go of control came more naturally for some and much more difficult for others.
As more was added to the canvases, some naturally developed a theme.
This was such a great learning opportunity to practice mixed media art.
Everybody was so focused in the picture below.
I really liked the pouncers used for drips.  So cool!
Chrissie’s canvas had an LSU color theme going until miss Alabama got a hold of it.  Nena Beth took the opportunity to add some red with all the purple and gold.
Chrissie seemed especially comfortable with doodling.
As Mo would get canvases, she would start highlight certain details and “mo-merizing” the canvas.
These canvases were by far one of the most meaningful take aways from the retreat.
Mo’s canvas with all the retreaters names.
Then it was time for canvas number 2.   For this one, we decoupaged with old hymns and everyone except me painted Christmas canvases.  I have too many Christmas canvases and decided to paint a canvas for a birthday gift instead.
After a day full of painting, we cleaned up and headed to the Warehouse.  I tried my first oyster and grits – both were better than I expected.
Then we were back at it.  We each made 3 ornaments with paint, washi tape, pictures, and scrapbook paper.  These will look so good on everyone’s trees!
The last project were jewelry holders made with wooden plaques and old key plates that Mo and I found at Canton.
My finished products!
Stick around for one more day of wrapping up the retreat!!


Kathryn said...

Mo-merize! I love that word. Quintessential Melanie to the bone. Thank you for sharing this wonderful time.

Lisa said...

Thank you Riley for all the details and great photos of all the creations.

Mama J said...

Exceptional blog Riley! Thanks for sharing. We are so blessed to have a 'Melanie' in our midst. Glad you made the trip! You carried a lot of knowledge back home with you.