Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas ornament class

Every year, I have such big intentions.  I want to do kids' classes, classes for teachers, classes for all the staff at MMPT, Classes for all the mamas who bring their kids to MMPT, as well as patients who might want to participate.  ANd then, I know I have to work in my art retreat,.... blah, blah, blah...
But every year, when it gets right down to it, there are only so many days in a week, and only so many weeks in a Christmas season!!  But.... on this Sunday afternoon... I DID manage to get about 10 or so women together to make some one-of-a-kind special ornaments.
For Stephanie, above, it was her first art class with MoJoy.  And she has now contacted me about doing a project with all the girls in her junior high pep squad.  That should be fun!

And Lorri, below, came and made cute little ornaments of her one baby child, Cole.
Polly has made a few classes over the years.
ANd this is Rebecca.  She brought some really old photos which were updated onto larger, more whimsical ornaments for her tree.
Cute way to salvage old photos and make them a little more current.

She has two boys who live down the street and who love to hang with Ellie and Gabs.  And the couple below, that's she and her hubs, Stan.

My old friend, Tonia, came all the way from the other side of Monroe to join the fun.  I love her family and have for a long time.
This is her boy, of whom she is very proud and commemorated his winning season with this ornament of his team colors.
But it's her daughter, sweet Mattie, who brought us together when she was about a year old.  I watched that sweet thing take her first steps.   That kind of bonds a family!
I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to meet Mama J!  And FINALLY, she got the courage up to come to one of my classes.  And although she always has lots to say on my blog comments and on my FB, she was quiet as a church mouse in class.
Stephanie brought all of her old Christmas with Santa pics from years past.
We started making them each more current and larger, even, to have more of an impact on her tree.

Seriously, this was a cute, cute class.  Everyone left with three ornaments.
Even Jessi came and made one of her cute niece and nephew.
I'm wondering if she'll end up keeping this one for herself.
I KNOW she'll keep this one!!

Stephanie left one of her Christmas mornings from a long time ago and asked me to add it to a canvas.  I did.  And I've also since added, "2000". 
All of us had a pretty good time reminiscing with our old photos and creating new memories!

And although I didn't have as many classes as I had dreamed... I DO have a few new ornaments this year, and even worked in a hysterectomy and a week of healing into my busy Christmas season!!



Kathryn said...

What fun! Jealous!

Becky said...

wish I had been there

Kaia said...

Mama J must be an introvert like myself. They like social media to express themselves or chat since it's not something they do very much/well verbally :)

tee said...

I had a wonderful time. Thank you for your sweet words. Maybe next year I will have to dig out that old Mardi Gras Krew of Aesclepius photo to make a throwback ornament. Maybe not! Love ya. Happy New Year.