Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Miss Ellie Sue's kindergarten class

Ellie is a weeeeee bit bossy.  Have you gathered that?!  Well, on this particular weekend, she decided she'd be the kindergarten teacher, and Gabbi would be the student.
She climbed up there and said my tv was the "smart board". 
She set out nameplates for all of her students and went ahead giving us assignments to work on at our desks.

Then came test time.  This is the moment I realized that they use some sort of big ol visual blocking device at school, I suppose to prevent cheating?!!?
Ellie says they're called "Cubbies". 

It keeps things private.  Hmmmm... who knew?!
The things you learn when playing kindergarten class.

Believe it or not, being a "teacher" has recently become Gabbi's very favorite thing in the world too!!  And as if you haven't noticed, it typically involves some degree of nudity.  Interesting.


Amy K said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Todd, Ellie, Gabbi, and your entire family!

Mama J said...

May blessings continue to bombard your precious family this day and every day. Happy Thanksgiving to a family who gives to others every day of their life.

Unknown said...

She cracks me up!! Her personality is fantastic!!