Monday, November 25, 2013

My entrepeneurs!

Gabs checked outside to see what was up and if it was about time to get the stand all set up.

(Not really.  She was just naked, as usual, and playing with me in the art room.  Ellie is the one who insists on selling everything in our fridge at a table at the end of the driveway.  On this day, it was orange juice.)
She carted this table and chair ALL the way to the end  of this long driveway BY HERSELF!
And she decided on orange juice.  I have another group of pictures where she just toted out the milk jug and poured directly from the jug!

I helped with the signage, but the rest was ALL them!

I also sort of decided that the sooner we ran out of orange juice, the sooner I could get them back inside and not be fearful of their hanging out down by the road.  We've had lots of "stranger danger" talks lately.
I think they would've sat there all day though.
So... I started calling neighbors!  First up, Rebecca came through and drove her boys down for a little OJ!

And then, Shea from next door rode over in her pjs and in her golfcart to partake in some delicious beverage.

Even Clayton, Paula's middle boy, came over to have a little breakfast beverage.

Now, THAT was sweet!

And just when I thought we were about ready to go in...
Ellie decides she need to up the ante, and she brings out a half full jug of sweet tea and a quart of milk!  We are pretty fancy around here!!
It must have worked.  Beth, from across the street, showed up with her little charges, Jack, Cole, and Sam, to get some of what she was selling. 
I'd say Ellie is a pretty positive thinker!!  Look at all those cups she has set out!

I kinda LOVE that Ellie has that entrepreneurial spirit!!  But, the overhead of a sleeve of Styrofoam cups, the milk we have to throw away cause it sits out too long and the managerial costs of my having to hang around outside until all of it is sold might put her business in the red!!
Oh well!



Unknown said...

She will be the youngest business owner ever!

Mary T said...

I love this, Ellie is the leader and Gabbi, her trusted helper! Glad you have supportive neighbors and friends :) I will never forget our "battery sale" that our youngest son did at the age of 5. Highly advertised for a week, with notes taped all over the house. When the time came, he actually made about $10 from the sale of used (and mostly dead) batteries. Yep, what a family won't do to support our little ones.

Becky said...

Oh my gosh, you have the best neighbors!!! That is adorable!

Diana said...

Hi Mo~
That picture of Gabbi in her undies looking out the window is adorable, I just love it.
Ellie is just toooo much - she is such a trip!! How funny selling everything in your fridge...
With those precious faces, how could you NOT buy some juice or milk?
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family,
Diana from Colorado

snekcip said...

You have OJ,milk and tea stands and Bre has setup a nailshop at ours! She has denied me any type of services because "I don't have long nails"! Now her Dad is her BEST CUSTOMER because he has "hard, kinda long nails". Pffffttt Whatever BRE!!!

Sidenote: She plays NAILSHOP w/him everday!! By the time she finish filing down those hard claws he will be like Twilight Sparkle!!! Serves him right!! HA!!!

Becky said...

I have to say you have the best neighbors. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Becky in NC