Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's MoJoy Art Retreat time!! (and a little self awareness/ growth too!)

Are you ready for this?  I have had several contact me, and I want you to know, that I have not been ignoring you.  I have just been needing to get all of this organized and down on paper, so I know that we have a super awesome weekend planned.  SOOO here it is:

MoJoy Art Retreat 
November 8-10 2013.

I'm calling this new venture "A new Box of Crayons"... Creating a life that matters with your UNIQUE color palette through purpose, passion, and possibililty thinking.

Friday, Nov. 8th
12:00 pm Sign in.  Get upstairs and pick your bunk!
1:00 Mini journal:
Make a journal.  We usually end with a scrapbook of the weekend.  But this year, we are starting with one.  We will be using it throughout the weekend to take notes on what may be new material, writing encouraging notes to each other, jotting down our "big ideas" and dreams, and of course, I'll be printing out and sharing pictures for you to use in your art journals. I feel quite certain I'll also have some fun quotes on mini cards to adhere in your books as well.
2:30 Color Test.  
You gotta know yourself to grow yourself.  John Maxwell
And with that, we'll be diving into our individual strength sets, and taking a color test to determine the colors we tend to be, those we tend to choose most often, and how we  use colors to subconsciously bring various qualities to our lives.
3:30 Key necklace.
Think of it as a talisman of sorts.  We'll be using what we learned about the meaning of color from the color test to draw on it for the colors we want to see more of in our lives (i.e. "enthusiasm, calmness/ tranquility, joy, bravery), and include these in our necklaces.  We'll call it "the key to a positive life stance."
5:00 Stamped Jewelry
Necklace and bracelet... We'll have lots of inspiring quotes and sayings or you can bring your own to use on a necklace and a bracelet, which we'll be attaching to a leather cuff.  If time permits, I am totally cool with your designing a pair of earrings to match either your set from the evening or a pair to go with your key necklace.  You'll  be learning the basics of jewelry making, which should get you started for making your own gifts this Christmas, should you desire.
7:00 Dinner.
Whatever Todd the Bod decides to feed us!  I promise this... it'll be awesome!  The boy can COOK!
9:00 Art Room reopens.
Texturizing the canvas.  This is to have this dried before our marathon painting day on Saturday.  I'll teach you to use texture medium and you can choose whether you want to make a pumpkin or a simple shape for Christmas, i.e. an ornament or a Santa face.

We'll discuss what it means to be GROWING.  We'll talk about the Law of environment... how who we hang around affects our level of growth and success.  The Law of the Rubber Band... you have to STRETCH to grow!  Annnnddd... maybe one more that I'll have to really look into cause I want to give you the most bang for your buck!  But GROWTH is what it's about, so hopefully, you'll have your journals out and we'll be learning together.

Gratitude Garland:  there will also be a garland that we'll all be adding to all weekend.  The materials to be used for this will be available at all times, so this might be a good time to add a little snippet to the group project.

Saturday, November 9th:
8:30 Breakfast... whatever Todd the Bod decides to feed us.  Again.
9:30 Circle Painting... we'll be learning all kinds of techniques, using charcoal, spray bottles, stencils, inks, acrylic pens, brayers.... as we pass each of our canvases to the neighbor to the left until it makes its way back to its rightful owner.  That way we take home a little bit of each other, and learn new things along the way!
11:00 Mixed media Abstract Painting.  Since all of the supplies are at the ready, now you can work on your own painting with the tools previously mentioned.  this time, we'll include old book pages, hymnals, etc.  If you have something you would like to include in your painting, i.e. a COPY of your mom's handwriting, or an old recipe book, etc., bring it with you!  I, personally, like things with MEANING in ALL of my artwork!
12:30  Lunch... hmmm... should we make Todd do it again?  Or maybe pizza?!  We'll play this one by ear.
2:00  Mixed media canvas.  This will be a holiday canvas and will be completion of the canvas which we prepped the evening before, so this may be Fall or Christmas.  Your choice.
3:30  Paint background on ornaments.  We'll be making 3 new ornaments for your tree or for you to give as gifts.  We'll be using paper mache', and again, if you want to include photos, I'd recommend wallet size, or photos which can be cut into wallet sized photos.  I have a whole tree of these, and LOVE adding a few every year!
4:00  Key holder plaque.  Well, it COULD be a key holder.  Or it COULD be a jewelry holder.  Either way, it's a wooden plaque with vintage brass, bronzey shapes, filigree, old numbers, or even a cool, inspiring quote, if you choose.
5:30  Prepare for dinner out.  If you can do this quickly, we might have a little time to go walk around downtown West Monroe for a bit.  Maybe even swing by the Duck Commander headquarters!  There are several great restaurants, and tonight's meal is on  your own.  But if you'd like to eat with the group, we'll likely be eating on the water somewhere.  We have a great river and a great bayou, each of which has superior restaurants.  To be determined!
9:00  Art Room reopens.... complete the Christmas ornaments!!

Sunday, November 10th
8:30 Breakfast.  How you feel about Golden Grahams?!
9:00  Work on our journals.  We'll pass them around and let each other write a few memories from the weekend, or even read some of our deep aspirations.  After all, if you've been watching and reading Brene' Brown on Oprah (like I have), you know we all need to be OPEN and vulnerable, so sharing is very liberating and very courageous!  It is also a great precursor to our final activity of the weekend.
10:00  Make a final talisman with our DREAM life written on a piece of paper and deposited in a a glass vial hung on the necklace.  It's to serve as a reminder of the highest YOU you can dream.... in your family life, your professional life, your marriage, your health, and your faith.  We're setting BIG goals!
11:30 It's picture time!!  We don't leave a MoJoy Retreat without lots and lots of pictures!!
12:00  The party's over.  We'll hug it out and leave truly inspired!

The cost of the retreat is $400.  This includes your lodging for two nights, five meals, and you will be leaving with 5 pieces of jewelry, 3 canvases, a journal, a jewelry holder, and three custom Christmas ornaments.  Plus you'll be meeting very cool women from all over the place who have come here on the same mission... to connect, grow, and create.

I have a few names of folks who have said they are interested.  They are...
Riley, Shannon, Mama J (with Les and Kristi), Heather, Amy, Jennifer, Lisa, and maybe Angela.
Only the first 10 participants who confirm will be accepted.  Limited space in the art room.  Oh... and you'll have to help me NAME my artroom too!  It's time!

I am asking that if you are for sure attending that you contact me via email... and let me know this.  It's time to get serious about filling this class up!  It'll be a ball, and I look forward to it.  Getting the playlist on Pandora ready now!  :)

So, are you ready to GROW?  To reach your potential?  To start the journey toward your PURPOSE on Earth?  And of course, to do it all with PASSION and joy?!  It's your time.



Mbeaty19 said...

The retreat sounds awesome. I love how your retreats get better with each one you have. Can't wait for the day that I'll be able to go to one. For now will look forward to you post about each activity.

Zhohn said...

Really sounds like what I need! I'll just be returning from Disney so no way I could go :(. I hope the next one focuses on growth and such.

Anonymous said...

How fun!!!!

nss said...

Sounds like I really need to come to one!. I'm saving my pennies.. maybe next year..

Lisa said...

Sounds wonderful! I so wish I could come this time. Hopefully another time down the road.

Brooklyn said...

Let me know if you need help! I hope you found some fun stuff in Canton!

snekcip said...

Yall are gonna have a BALL!!!

Kathryn said...

Oh, how I would love to come! Can't quite do that much in a weekend yet, but the day will finally get here!