Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A new "spin" on art classes

I think I've already blogged about one of the kids' classes I am teaching and their spin art class.  Well, this is the second group.
I've gotta tell ya, there is nothing quite as awesome as Spin Art!!  Even adults love it.  I think we might make a little spin art at the retreat too!  Just because we can.
This was the class where the kids had to tell me their favorite color... the one color they'd choose if they were only given one.
And then we went through what that color meant and what personality trait it signified.

I have already gotten my money's worth outta that machine!!  Gabbi's birthday, two art classes, and now MMPT will be using it at an upcoming event.  Maybe even at the girls' cshool Christmas bazaar.
While we did art class, my awesome babysitter, Alex, sent me this pic of Ellie Sue at dancing.  Look at that little cutie patootie!
So, this was the day we talked about individuality, creativity and uniqueness.  Remember?!

This is my calm little girl class.  They are sweet to one another and participate nicely with all my questions and dialog.
Little Miss Emma Claire, here, has taken every art class I've ever offered.  She is a dedicated artist!!
Next up... thumbprints!

I mean, reallly, doesn't that just make you wanna squirt some paint in?!

I just love the way all of these turn out so unique and creative.
This was one of our cards for the week.
Emery designs a whole slew of them each week for the kids to choose from.  They always depict the "lesson" we've discussed.

I love this part of the class... a little lesson that accompanies our art project.

They had little cards to fill out too.
Check em out...

It was on these that they mentioned the color and the meaning of the color they'd each chosen.

It's a good group of girlies.  I love having a very small part in the development of their strong sense of self worth. And to help them learn their strengths and values.

Just look at a few of these!

So, while I'm at it.  I am throwing it out there again, that I am having my fall art retreat, and I am looking for some awesome, open-minded, high spirited people to come and join me.
You'll learn about your strengths, thus your potential, or your "sweet spot" and we'll collectively support one another in thinking big and dreaming of our higher purpose/ life.
Shannon and Heather, I am having trouble getting in touch with you despite you both having texted me telling me you were interested.  If you still are, please email me at mojoy@att.net.

I have a big weekend planned.  So, if you are on the fence, email me, and I'll tell you why you SHOULD come!!



Zhohn said...

You're awesome! Those girls will always remember what you taught them.

Sure wish I could make this retreat. :/ sounds awesome!

Amy K said...

I love how you're fostering great things in these kids.

I'm imagining how awesome the retreat is going to be...can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

You truly are such an inspiration.