Sunday, September 8, 2013

Art room... self portrait canvas.

I'm pretty sure I've shared this  little beauty before, but the other day, I instagrammed a pic, and I got a lot of responses, so I thought maybe it's been long enough... and we can give it another go!  Ellie was NOT digging that her self portrait is of her as a baby. See the hot pink square near the top right corner?  That is Ellie, and I painted her when she was about 6 months old.  And if you remember her... she was BALD!!
She decided she needed to paint herself more current.  And so she did.  And poor Gabbi Girl had never even made the board!  I spy Daisy.  And Earl is on there.  But, no Gabbi.  No Twilight Sparkles and no Lizzie!  Sad, huh?  As a matter of fact... no Pops or Nana, no DeeDee and Granddad either.  I do have Staci and Don on there, and both of the big boys.  And Staci painted Madi when she was a baby.  I don't think Jake is on there either.
This canvas has moved houses with me.  IT was around when my friends' kids were my kids age.  And they are now in college.  That's pretty weird!  It is loaded with pics of past employees who are no longer even working at MMPT.
These three little angels enjoyed making their marks on the canvas!!  Gabs is now the third from the left on the bottom row in the red square!  Naturally, wearing a BLACK bow!
I just L.O.V.E. having an art room!  And speaking of art room, the season of creativity is upon us!  I had our Mother/Daughter art night this past Friday, and it was a hit!  I start kids' classes tomorrow, and have a few fun individual girl nights planned over the holidays!  AND... I have a date for the next art retreat.... details on projects to follow.  But it will be the weekend of November 8-10.  If you think you might wanna come, email me, and I will get you on a "first to know" list to send out the deets.
I think you should make your own self portrait canvas.  Just get a big canvas, square it off in grid fashion, and get your friends to add their own portrait when they happen to be at your house.  It is as simple as that!!  Enjoy.



Riley said...

Totally going to make my own self portrait canvas! I love the idea of my friends and family leaving a piece of them with me.

Amy K said...

I love how different people have added to it as well.

snekcip said...

Cute idea!! I may have to give that a whirl!!!

PS So hate I missed the Mother/Daughter workshop! I can't wait to see the UPCOMING POST!! I got so much on my plate right now. Full time employee PLUS Full time college student PLUS a FIRST GRADER w/lots of homework, PTA meetings, gymnastic practices...I just don't know if I have time to do anything!

snekcip said...

PS That FT student is me!! Yeah...I finally BIT THE BULLET and started taking college classes. :)

breanna said...

I hope you saved a square for me!! ;)

Jerelyne Nemanich said...

I bought a canvas to do this several years ago when you posted it - it was from a magazine you recommended at the time that is no longer published... Love it!