Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Tween friends

We were trying to enjoy our last few days of summer.  I still had to work, but as soon as I got home, I loaded up the  neighborhood, and we hit the road to the pizza joint.
Ellie is always so excited to hang out with these preteens.  It's just that they are right next door, and Emma always has a crew, so Ellie is naturally drawn to them.  She wants to hang with them 24/7.
Ellie has also started FaceTimeing me, like constantly.  She got an ipod for her birthday, so she is sending me little facetime messages all day long, or videos via text somehow?!  She has figured more out about her ipod than I ever would.
Oh, and because the pizza joint is about 400 yards from our neighborhood, I let them pack in the back... ALL of them!
And they seemed to really enjoy that.

This is Kiley.  She is the daughter of Ellie's first grade teacher, Mrs. Brandon.  She's a new "favorite" of Ellie's
That's hot, Emma Lou!

Boo on summer being over. I am already looking forward to net summer!  But, in the meanwhile, we'll be riding in the jeep in AWESOME fall weather.  AND... making a concerted effort to make and hang out with friends our own age. First step... Gabbi's party today.  Staci took Ellie home, and Gabs had a friend stay over all day.   A friend of mine rode with me on an errand and said, "I've NEVER heard Gabbi speak that much EVER.".  Not having big sister around really helped Gabbi come out of her shell and make a new friend.  We're gonna have to do more of that. It was a really good day.



Zhohn said...

Fun stuff! Can't wait to hear about Gabbi's party.

Amy K said...

Ha! Looks like something we would do.
We're enjoying our last 9 days of summer vacation - heading to the waterpark today..woohoo!

kimybeee said...

I have jeep envy - I have desired to be topless my whole life!!!

kimybeee said...

and county school started august 8th here this year!!! our daughter didn't even start back to college till the 19th!!

Anonymous said...

Boo on summer ending. .... can't wait to hear about Gabs birthday party! ! So glad she is coming out of her sweet shell

Sandy P said...

My little one is a different person when her sister is at school. We have been in school for weeks, but I agree Boo!

snekcip said...

I think Gabbi has "found her voice"! That's good she is "finding her own".