Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More John Maxwell magic weekend

Such nice comments were made about my "life change" type decisions, and I am really humbled to know that I have a positive impact on those reading MoJoy.  Truly I am.  It is what I want to do with my life, like "real life", not just with my cyber acquaintances. I have to figure out how to jump that hurdle and make it happen.
Oh... by the way, Waaay up there in that top photo is my friend, Sherry, who is also from Monroe, and also a JMTeam member.  That is nice to have another like-minded person so close as an accountability partner!
Have I mentioned that I felt a little guilty about leaving my kids?  LOOK at that water slide, far left, above, and that's Nickelodeon across the street from our hotel. In fact, I took this photo from inside the elevator.
And on another note,  I saw THIS over and over and over this weekend!!  I knew I was on the right track with pursuing this, and I knew that a little angel was watching over the whole situation and sending me the affirmations I needed.
As a member of the mentorship program, it was my duty to really help welcome all the newbies as they poured into the room.
I don't really know how many people were there, but I know there are over 90 countries represented on the JMT.
So, you'd be talking to someone from Great Britain, then from Africa, then from Spain, then from Canada... then from Texas.  It was pretty neat!
This girl used to live in West Monroe, but now she is in Arkansas.  She is a first year member, and already offering to speak on stage, as well as serving on the President's Advisory Council.  Overachiever!
Oh... look at that bottom line! (Thank you, Starbucks!)
This was one of the women I sorta got to know the first day.
Her name is Mfon and she is from Africa.  Her job there, aside from being an attorney, is to bring big name entertainment, i.e. American Idol, into her country.
I think that's a pretty cool job!  She also gave a speech about her mean physical therapist.  Ironic?!

See?!!  All weekend long!
And every morning on the way from my room to the main conference room, I had to pass this place.  I am talking about HEAVEN!!
This guy's name is Kary.  He also has a "team" called The Deeper Path, and I am now a member of his cohort, as well. I wanted to join because he provides personal coaching to help one find and define  his/ her deeper purpose in life and to create a life mission statement as well as an "opus".  I have my first training/ coaching call with him tonight!  Wish me luck!
And then there was this!  John had us watch major snippets of this movie, as he then broke down segments to demonstrate quiet strength of a phenomenal leader.  It was a really, really cool day!
Okie dokie... I gotta go get ready for my call.  It's suppposed to be an hour and a half.  I wonder how many of the other participants have a kindergartener and a first grader who like to totally monopolize their time!  This should be interesting!



kimybeee said...

is that movie Lincoln??? because if it is we watched it the same weekend. our daughter got bored and went to bed but my husband and I really enjoyed it and it made me much more curious about Lincoln and his family life!

no wee ones here - the man child, hubs and I are watching cops - not my choice at all!!!

Zhohn said...

Can't wait to hear about the call! Sounds like you learned a lot and you're on the right path.

Love seeing the girls every morning on FB. :)

Mama J said...

What an experience...and you haven't really even touched on everything. Awesome that you are a part of this and to know that it is only going to get better is icing on the cake. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on your call last night. Thanks for sharing.

Kathryn said...

Glad you are enjoying the learning!

Anonymous said...

Hoping the call went great and you have many new tools in your chest!

jenny said...

Good for you, Mo. You have such courage and initiative. I need a coach to light a FIRE under my lazy butt! By the way, what is the movie you mentioned? I don't get out much and I couldn't tell from the pic. Thanks and GO GET 'EM!

Ness said...

I am fascinated by your JM trip. How long have you been in this? Gabs is the perfect art sidekick. Also enjoy their before school photo....kick starts my day. Hope your call went OK. Love you.