Tuesday, August 20, 2013

John Maxwell Weekend

Take a little gander at those leaders on the banners behind me!  That is a power team right there!!  And I have 4 days of learning under them.  Awesome Sauce!
Oh, and looky here... the day I arrived, there were little globes all over the floor with those of us who are members of the mentorship team.  This means I get to have lessons weekly from those in the banners above, and listen to personal teachings through calls.  It is like a direct line to very strong leadership in the areas of speaking, training, personal growth, and personal coaching.
How bout them apples?!
And if I'd paid my dues a month earlier, I'd have been recognized as a year 2 mentor.  So don't be surprised when my globe next year says Year 3!

I spent a little time in between courses sending weird texts to my tween back home.
They give us all the opportunity to speak on stage, by submitting speeches ahead of time. This was my first opportunity to do so, and I chickened out.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!
I would sometimes feel like a fish out of water there.  And I did NOT like it!!  These are power players.  THey are the big dogs, and there were hundreds of them!  I just sometimes did not feel that I was their "caliber".  And I do NOT like feeling that way.
Of course, I know that NOONE can make me feel inferior but me.  And I kept telling myself that.  I didnt' like not being my lively, outgoing self.
As the weekend wore on, and as I started meeting more people, I felt more like myself.  I am, after all, a WOOer.  I have spoken of one of my favorite books, StrengthFinder 2.0 on here before.  In that book, it gives you a code in the back to take an online test to discover your 5 main strengths.  When I say that sucker is right on, it is RIGHT ON!  Woo is my number one strength.  It means to "win others over".  It is the person who works her way around a room, making sure she has touched every person in there.  A Wooer "enjoys the challenge of meeting new people and getting them to like you".  Wooers typically get energized by strangers.
We want to know their names, where they're from, and common interests.  We are rarely at a loss for words.  So, the shy and insecure thing I had going on was new to me!!

My second top strength is Maximizer.  This means I like to take something strong and transform it into something superb! I like to seek out the pearls in people and "maximize" the roles they play.  I especially like to do this at my office.
This is why all of my retreats are so important to me.  This is where all these gifted employees come together to see how we can all best fit into the cogs that make this aweome wheel run. Maximizers are sometimes seen as discriminatory, but we actually just like to look for talent and spend time polishing those pearls.
John Maxwell will tell you in a New York minute that that is what he does too!
And this is the team he assembled as the best of the best.
Far left is Roddy, who is from England and is a world renowned speaker.  I need to spend a little more time on HIS calls!  I need to start sticking my neck out there to speak!
The second guy is Paul Martinelli.  His rise from being a janitor to a MULTI- millionaire and president of the John Maxwell Team is quite an inspiring story. It's his calls I most look forward to listening to when I get the chance.  He is a GENIUS and a really deep and in your face thinker/ coach.
Then there's John.  And Melissa, who runs Master Mind Groups like a boss!  I have been leading my key players at MMPT in a weekly leadership meeting every Thursday morning for the past year.  I have been teaching them to lead my company the way I'd want it led, and in fact, to lead it BETTER!  We have really gelled as a team, and as of TODAY, I have signed a new PT to join forces with my pediatric team in West Monroe, freeing me up to live up to more of what I think my potential actually is.  My therapy schedule, (although I LOVE being a PT), really hamstrings me when it comes to being available to as many people as I can.  I'd rather NOT have a full time schedule of patients, and be able to mentor many... that is the best way to spread my knowledge and influence.  I think I can really help MORE people that way.  (And maybe even be more available to my own children as well.)
Next is Ed DeCosta, he is a master salesman, and Christian Simpson, who is also from overseas and teaches how to be a good personal coach.  (I'd love to do this someday... one on one personal coaching for achievement, purpose, and reaching ones potential)

And finally, there's Scott Fay.  He is the guy who sort of had the idea that this whole JMTeam thing could work.
He also just released his first book, The Sweet Spot.

Or something along those lines.  Sorry, Scott.  I bought the book, but I can't remember the exact title.  Just google his name if you're interested.
So, what can I say?  The whole dang experience was once again totally overwhelming and inspiring.
What bugs me is that when someone asks me what I learned at the event, I can't even tell them... not even one single thing.  It bothers me.  I MUST learn to get more focused in my thinking and less scattered!  (you know... "there's a bird"... this is NOT a new problem!)

By hiring this PT, I plan to time block my life on a planner, so I have actual things PLANNED to do and actually DO THEM!  Not just willy nilly floating from one thing to the next as soon as a distraction comes along.

Like this awesome pool and monster water slide in the back left corner, for example!  ha.
I felt pretty dang guilty for not having my babies with me on this trip.  I was 3/4 of a mile from Downtown Disney, and this pool with all the water slides and such would've kept them totally preoccupied.  I couldn't have been with them, personally, much though!  This would've necessitated a sitter, for sho!
But as it was, they stayed home and got to do awesome things like go to Bryce's birthday party.  Thanks ,Shanna, for sending me this pic of my baby girl!
HEY!  I'm back!  and on track!

Can you even imagine working with my crazy brained self?!

This is John's dad.  He is 93 years old.  He is also a pastor and led some of the Sunday morning service for us.  He is such a cool dude!
As soon as he was done, he had to scoot out, because he also leads the service at the retirement community he now lives in.  He reminded us that priorities and commitments are just that.  Nothing took his eyes off of being back to his "flock" for Sunday service.
This was a sweet moment as John and his Dad did Minute with Maxwell. If you are not subscribed to receive this, you should consider it.  Cool, daily inspiration from John.

Of course, there was a standing ovation at the end.
I was at Table 9.  Just sayin'.
Pretty awesome saying, dontcha think?!
Ok, ok,... I DID sort of come out of my shell by day two.  But, I was still struggling (a little ) on the inside!
More on my weekend tomorrow.



kimybeee said...

I am a joiner - committees, boards, all kinds of stuff. I find myself being very frustrated that the same old people want the same old thing over and over and over and never want to change. I never want anything to be the same twice!!!

I have scaled back my committees and commitments a lot in this last year. And while I feel so much better to have taken that frustration out of my life - I find myself bored!!

I am not working much. My kids don't need me, one is away at school and the second is a senior that needs nothing from his mother. My husband works a lot of hours.

I need a new mojo! I have no idea what it is - but it will find me in due time I suppose!!!

While the jm thing is not the kind of thing that makes my skirt fly up, I do really enjoy your enthusiasm about it. You have such passion for everything you do and that is contagious!!! I am happy that you are "planning" to try a schedule and make time for the things you enjoy.

I can be the very organized and everything ready to go kind of gal - but I have to tell you that sometimes flying by the seat of my pants is a fun ride too!!!! lol lol that is how I like my work schedule. call or text me the day before and I am all over it lol those days wrote in the calendar and highlighted in their proper color just seem like too much work lol lol

looking forward to more blogs - I worry about you when you aren't on here and sometimes I have to go search you out on fb to make sure you guys are all good!!!

how sweet is Sydney - I bet your girls are loving that baby!!!

Ness said...

I will be 60in April, not able to work due to fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases and have spent the rest of last year trying to find what my purpose in life is. I am so enjoying reading about your JMT week and all you are doing at MMPT for your employees. This is your calling and I am thrilled you have embraced it. I look forward to each new blog post as I am watching the caterpillar turn into a beautifully phenomenal butterfly. I am living vicariously through you and shout GO MO!!!

Zhohn said...

Oooh I think I need Minute with Maxwell!! But honestly, when you're on the role with blogging I get minute with Mo! Haha. You really do inspire me and give such a joyful, happy, live life to the fullest vibe!

You're an amazing business woman and you know just what to do to keep your employees on track and happy at the same time. You're investing in the right things!

Kai said...

I think you are wrong, you certainly are very capable of telling people what you learned at your John Maxwell Weekend. I can see a lot of things you learned, you have been inspired to be a certain type of boss, mentor, mother. You have learned that you want to be able to schedule your time so that you have more time for what is important to you. You learned that no matter what if you make something a priority, a priority it should be. You learned that you want to continue to grow your business and employees and to be a teacher. Also, I think you have been given some tools to help you with all the things you want to learn. You also learned that next time you should pay your membership a month earlier. I'll bet your girls had a great time while you were gone, don't feel guilty for not bringing them. I know that next year you will be up on the stage being a leader in developing personal strengths at your John Maxwell Weekend. I love reading your blog and being your "friend." You inspire me to try to be better at everything I do.

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration to me. Every time I read your blog, I'm truly in awe!

Mama J said...

I was 17 when I began my first job and retired at 67 in December. I have gone through a lot of those same emotions and have found there are 'seasons of plenty' and it is during those times that what you need to fulfill that particular season is brought full circle to you. I have been the organizer, the rock that people like to rest on when their ship gets to rocking and the comic relief many times. I don't call it 'tooting my own horn' but that would be ok too..for you have to be aware of what your strengths are to be able to share with those who might be weak in that area. You remind me of my friend, Leslie, in that you have a superb mind, the means to reach and effect a lot of people, but it takes a small army to bring that to true fruition. That is what you are learning through JM. You MUST find those people who can get you to your 'Sweet Spot' and by doing so, you can achieve so much and those who you are enlisting to help you on this journey are learning valuable life lessons. If they don't realize it now, they will at some point in their life.

I can relate to kimybeee in that I am looking for my new mojo..as I have NEVER not 'done something'. LOL God will let me know when he thinks I am recharged and ready...I am confident in that.

Thanks Mo, for the joy you bring to my day and for sharing your precious family. That is part of your WOO...

Amy K said...

Awhile back you suggested subscribing to "Minute with Maxwell", so I did. The daily messages always strike a chord with me.

Thank you for continuing to inspire us readers on personal growth, creativity, balance, and family time. You always remind me to keep what's important in the forefront of our lives!

Shannon said...

Um retreat....HELLO! I'm coming - I swear! Do it, Mel!

snekcip said...

Mo, I think you have found your niche!! Enjoying your JM post!! I love your "ZEST FOR LIFE" !! I'm at that "cross-road" in my life and feel motivated to do something I ENJOY doing! Thanks for the continual inspiration!!

PS Baby Sydney is TOO PRECIOUS!!!