Monday, August 19, 2013

Heading to Orlando

Hello  my peeps.  I swear the blogger universe has been blocking me... in many ways, but I have been TRYING to blog and can't get it done!!  The wireless internet at my house being obstinent as the primary issue!!  I am now at my desk at work, getting it done!

I have still not told you all about the most excellent adventure that was my trip to Orlando last week to spend a little time with a few of my favorite mentors!!  One being John Maxwell!
I had to get up  EAAARRRRLY to go and sit at the Monroe Airport where the staff had flown in late the night before, so they needed an extra hour of sleep to meet the acceptable guidelines of rest.  Seems the airlines might could've planned for that one, but whatever!  It gave me a little more time to get some of my MMPT paperwork done, and that NEVER happens!  

Hey... look at my new cute bags!  The orange one was a spontaneous purchase last week when I took my sweet nephew, Hunter, school clothes shopping... because he IS still  my first nephew!  and he IS going to college, so he needs to look FLY!
The other is my new Kelly Moore Bag, which Ellie won for me in a contest on Instagram.  I will forever be grateful to my girl for that prize!  Cause it is the Cat's MEOW!!  And perfect for the crazy person's travelling companion.  By crazy person, I mean ME... because it has all these little divided off compartments which makes it easy to look down in there and find, makeup.  Or pens/ markers (and 30 of them in my case), cell phone, wallet.... instead of everything being piled up in the bottom of the purse, making me C.R.A.Z.Y.!!
I snapped this picture of this huge plane and texted Todd that THIS is where I'd like to be travelling someday!  These people were like in their own recliners, with their own side tables, with their own TV monitors!!  I think it might've been a 767?!  Or something like that?!  It had a 6 in it anyway.
My scrunched up seat didn't keep me from having a little bloody mary and playing some inflight trivia.  UNTIL the dude in front of me decided he needed to fully recline himself smack into my drink.  UN.COOL.
Not much could damper my day.  The world was beautiful that day, and the invitation for growth had me on a natural high! I, as you know, was on my way to meet with super inspiring, highly motivated, action-oriented people from all over the world.  WHO wouldn't be fired up about THAT?!

And then... I was in Orlando.  In the car with Granddad who so graciously came and not only picked me up, but took me to the hotel to make sure I could get there and get back on my own.  Then... loaned me his car for the weekend!
Ahhh, home sweet home, for the next 5 days.  16th floor of the Mariott World Resort.
There was NO WAY I'd ever remember where I'd parked, so I snapped this pic with the old cellphone too.  What did we do before these smartphones!?
Yep... I needed to know this too!  I have old person memory fog!  Bad!
So, after my incessant and neurotic bed bug check (thanks for that, JinJin.  And  Jason!!  You reading, Nora?!), I was totally blissful about the prospect of sleeping alone in my own big ol' bed for a few nights.  I'm usually four deep with a couple of pets too.  Seriously!
And so, at this time....
make up was off, hair was down, pjs on, and Melanie was in bed, renting a movie, chilling and preparing for the big day ahead!
You ready?!



Beth E. said...

I do the bedbug check, too, whenever we sleep in a different bed than our own. Those things are nasty. JinJin taught you well!

Looking forward to hearing all about your trip!

Phyllis Lines said...

I do the bedbug check too. I didn't for the longest time and then paid for it once. Needless to say, I haven't been back to that hotel.

snekcip said...

Can you ladies Puhhhhlease tell me how to do the bedbug check. I so need to KNOW THIS!!!

kimybeee said...

I don't sit on or use the hotels blankets. I won't even tell you the nickname I have for them!! I take my own pillows and blanket. I will use their bottom sheet and sometimes a pillow for a snuggle pillow like this past weekend when my husband didn't take a pillow and the hotel one wasn't comfortable and I gave him one of mine lol lol he started out sleeping with the hotel blanket and less than two hours later they were in the floor and he was under mine.

we don't sleep in the same bed very often because he has worked midnights for most of the 21 years we have been married so when we do sleep together, we sleep under separate blankets so we can both wrap up like tortillas lol it saves much blanket pulling and cold bodies that way!

anyway - this is the second time we have stayed in this Microtel and it is very nice and clean. nothing, and I mean nothing has a stain or a smudge or anything at all on it. it is the cleanest place I have ever been in - my blanket may have given the room fleas or something lol lol I don't do a bedbug check - but I am wary of other things!!!

Anonymous said...

Can not wait to hear all about it!!!!

Mama J said...

Glad you are back and really looking forward to what you have to share. sharing...

Zhohn said...

I am ready!! I LOVE that orange bag! You sound like me when it comes to the first niece/nephew :) hey, when you don't have your own yet, you can SPOIL!

nss said...

Can't wait to hear about it and to be inspired also. Looking forward to next post!

Becky said...

what a great idea taking the photo the parking space and the level. I took my mom to a large medical complex and then could not remember where we had parked or on what level. Glad you had a great time. Becky