Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cozumel, homiiieees!

We finally landed!  We made it to our one and only stop on the trip. Ta daaaaah... Cozumel!
Todd the Bod was the first of our crew to disembark.  He led the way to the island. Hit the first outdoor bar, found a stool... and that was the last we saw of Todd!

The rest of the crew had a little more shopping to do!  I bought several of these as souveniers!  I just LOVES all of these colors!
I came really close to buying a sombrero too!  Paula actually did bring one back for Emma Lou!
I was sort of amazed by this pharmacy where you can buy anything you want.... script be damned!  WOW!
It didnt' take an interpreter to figure out what this place served!!
And instead of Diet Coke, it was Coca Cola Light.  I wonder why that is.
I took this pic for my girls.  I thought they'd like to see what Frosted Flakes looked like in Spanish.
I guess that was Spanish?!  I also brought Todd a few packs of convenience store cookies.  He LOVES things like this.  WE have always had this ongoing competition with who could get the best "snacks" when on a stop during travelling.  He ALWAYS wins!!  And I always end up wanting what he bought!  How does that happen?!
Not sure what this is or where it is, but I thought perhaps it marked the port at which we were parked.
This store LIT MY FIRE!!
I ended up buying some of these big rosary beads.  I thought they were precious!
And WOW at all of the neat Christmas ornaments.
So many Day of the Dead figurines!
I'd never really understood that holiday, but I read a little about it, and I suppose it isn't so bad.  It's really a day of remembrance.
I bought that little ornament with the nativity scene in it.  I LOVED it.
Look how they have all of these brightly colored goodies all sorted into basic color schemes.  YUMMY.
For instance, Pink...
And why in the world would I need these paper mache' veggies, but dude did I ever think they were cool?!

Day of the Dead stuff.
Here's some info about it.

They just have all these figurines with skeletons going about normal activities of daily life.  Very creative ideas.

There were two ships docked here.  Ours is the front, smaller one.
As we got close to the boat, we found Todd the Bod, still bellied up and waiting for us.  He just said he had absolutley no desire to go to a beach and lay out.  As it turns out, we never even made it to a beach!  More news on where we actually landed tomorrow!!
Great horticulture here.  A legustrum.  Spelling?!

Here's my ornament.
And I got a few of this artists's goodies too!
EYE CANDY, I tell ya!!



Anonymous said...

All of the colors are so gorgeous! It looks the trip was so much fun!

Zhohn said...

I loved Cozumel! The little treasures and homemade things are endless.

The Mommy said...

What a fun adventure! Love all the fun and vibrant colors too!