Thursday, August 1, 2013

All around the ship. Carnival Elation

Alright, sorry I missed a day.  I am back now.  This is the central area of our ship.  There was a bar right under the center of that dome, and it happened to be about 30' from our room.... so win/win!
We had the occasional "dress up" situation for dinner, but I'd already determined that ONE dress would be IT for ol' Mel!
This was the crew at dinnertime.  I LOVE cruise dinners.  I like to try things I've never tried before, and I like that if you don't like it, you just order something different!  They'll let you try every entree' if you so choose.
I usually liked my first option, but I ate the molten chocolate cake EVERY night!!

And the occasional one of these too!
I mean, if it has an umbrella in it, it must be AWESOME!  Right?!
Todd would choose strange things, like Orange cake?!  yuck.  But, the molten cake was for ME!  Think about the molten cake at Chili's.  Had that?!  Well, it's hot, and it is gooey on the inside.  And freakin' awesome!!
Oh.  And might I say Todd the Bod got some serious brownie points for bringing me coffee in bed every morning from the coffee bar!!
Next up... Cozumel!



Beth E. said...

Drinks with umbrellas, molten chocolate cake, coffee, food...what's not to love?! Looks like an amazing time!

snekcip said...

I wanna see how you like the "transportation" to Cozumel! That's what I'm waiting on!!!

Becky said...

what an great hubby!

Anonymous said...

Y'all are just precious!!!!

Holly said...

You look beautiful Mel! Who needs another dress?!?!