Friday, July 5, 2013

Virtual shopping with Mo

Let's go shopping, shall we? First stop, TJ Maxx.  Oh m gee!
What is it with me and throw pillows?!  I am in love with the way they can totally transform a bed, chair, etc, and the cutest punch of color.  I don't even have a room with the above coral color, but STILL felt the need to take that pillow home and love it!
I also really felt like I needed this bedspread.  For what?  Unsure, but that is a mere detail!
After all, first, it has a striped reverse side, and secondly, it was at TJ Maxx, so it was a bargain.
And then there were THESE!!  I swoon.  What in the world would I do with teal chairs?  I don't know.  But I neeeeeed them!
I think it just makes me feel better to at least acknowledge their awesomeness on my blog, vs just passing them over.   They deserve at least that much!
And these linen barstools.  I dont' have a bar to put them at, but I could build one.
I thought this portable booster seat was so cute.  If mine were still a wee bit smaller, I would've gotten this... for restaurants, auditorium events, whatever.  A little boost never hurt anyone.  I might still get it for my short friend, Johnnye.
And THESE.  OH MY!  I WANT THESE!  But, they don't match a single room in my house!  But I just FEEL like they need to be with me.
I've been trying to talk Madison into coming to stay with us, and I assured him I would masculinize the upstairs sari room.  I think those side tables would do the trick!  (Madison is Don's brother, Eddie's son).
Baskets.  Glorious baskets!  Towels, handtowels, dirty clothes, socks, artroom rags... endless possibilities!!
And they can also be spray painted to be especially fab!!

I think a rug totally changes up the entire appearance of a room.  I love the colors in this one.  I am about to tackle the cottage, so this is a maybe.  I loves that trefoil tan one (far left) too!!
And if you draw my name for Christmas, please get me these!!  I don't need another piece of luggage, as in forever, but I still want these.  ALL of them!!  They are lightweight and PURPLE!!  They need bright gold nametags to show my support to the LSU tigers!
And here we are in kitchen utensils... the ONLY thing that might make me want to cook.... buying the cute stuff to cook WITH!
I ended up picking up a few of these.  I had to!  I am going to work them into my art room scheme!
Good quote.  MIght need to use this on something sometime.
And I love this subject matter for a canvas or an art class or maybe the next retreat... which will be.... Hey Riley, when is it?!  It worked well the last time I let you set it up!  Just let me know so I can get the beds ready!
I saw this and needed a pic of it... just because!
And finally, the actual buggy.  I DID get the new bedding in this color, with the cute throw pillow in THIS color, and the multi colored rug for my cottage peeking out from underneath!
It is now in the master bedroom at the condo.  Much brigher and more lively.  I like it.  A lot.



Anonymous said...

You seriously must come shopping with me!!! I have no vision.... I don't even hang stuff on my walls.... My hubby makes fun of me and told me I needed girl the house up..... that's pitiful

Zhohn said...

I love it all!!! My favorite may be the trefoil rug. I love tj maxx!

Patchez said...

Is all of this merchandise found at our TJ MAXX?

Holly said...

I LOVE TJ MAXX!!! I just found the perfect throw pillows, I mean perfect as in even if I ordered them and paid a bunch more they couldn't have been any more perfect! I'm like you, I find things I simply must have but have no place to put! Still, I look every week cause even if I can't have them I'm glad to know they're in this world.

Shannon said...

LOVE me some TJM. Favorite place to shop!

Unknown said...

I love that bedspread!

Riley said...

Once I know about job news, I'll be all over planning the next retreat! I would love one in November with your house all decorated for Christmas!!