Friday, July 19, 2013

Bohemian party... cake and present time

NOw that the runway show as over, we had  only one more stop.. the present area.
The girls piled up, and by now, we needed to get this show on the road.  The party had started at 5:00 and the styleshow was at 7:00.  I knew we needed to kick it into high gear.
The Birthday girl blew out her candles.

Once we could keep them lit, after the fan kept blowing them out....

And right after she blew out the candles and we sung Happy Birthday, the mamas started serving up cake as the girls hung around to see all the presents being opened.

I love this pretty picture of my baby.

Or as they prefer it around here, my "big girl".  Ellie likes to be referred to as "my big girl" and Gabs prefers, "my baby".  And they'll correct me if I get it wrong.

Madi got Ellie this cute backpack... looks good for first grade, dontcha think?!

She hit the motherload on cashola.

Look at Mollie Mae's cool hair do.  I LOVED all the feathers!

One last video attempt.  I never actually know how these are going to come out.  But, they were on my camera on my phone, so they made the upload! Hope you can see it.
I thought this picture was so cute.  I turned around and all these boots were staring me in the face.

Thanks for this cute Vera lunchbox!

And as she opened this from KK, she said, "KK got me a make up kit.  From ULTA!"  I looked at KK and said, "Did you tell her it came from Ulta?"  And she said, "No".  I think it's funny that a kid Ellie's size notices "ULTA" on packaging.  Only Ellie Sue!
The Peace and the pucker.  They just go together!
As do the head tilt and the knee bend.
and that concludes Bohemian Style Show party 2013.  Next up... Art party in August for this little soon to be 5 year old!
Hope you enjoyed.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I needed to document the whole thing!!
You're only six once, ya know!



Sharidrew said...

YEAH for your parties!! Awesome every time! Thanks for sharing. And what a cute idea for a hum I mean BIG girl party! Hope you are enjoying your weekend with Todd the bod. Happy Friday!

Hugs from Missouri,

Holly said...

LOVED it all! Thanks for sharing! Such a great party idea!

One of the MoFo's!

Kimmy said...

Awesome party! I know the feeling Ellie has about Ulta, when I walk in, I hear the Hallelujah chorus sing!

Have a great weekend from rainy Savannah, GA!

Unknown said...

OK, Where did Maddie get the backpack??? My neice HAS to have one!! :)

Kaia said...

I'm liking the serious looks on a usually not-so-serious Ellie! And it looks like Gabbi is improving on her posing :)

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I must say that you can throw one heck of a party! What wonderful memories you are making. The girls are just too precious & sweet.
As far as Ellie hangin with the "older girls" what is wrong with that? You couldn't stop her if you tried....she is just ahead of herself. Who cares what others have to say when you are doing a fabulous job of mothering. Your girls are well adjusted, happy, confident (that is for sure) and loved. What else do you want????
I say keep on doing what you are doing.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Diana from Colorado

Lisa said...

Loved all the party posts! Ellie will have amazing memories of all the love shown to her and she'll pass it on. Looking forward to Gabbi's party posts.

Mama J said...

That's a wrap! What a fun party for Ms. Ellie!!!! Looking forward to Gabbi's shindig...!

Unknown said...

Loving Gabbi's glam eye make up! How sweet is Ellie's face, basking in the love and fun of being the birthday girl?! Such a fun time

Riley said...

This party was so special and fit Ellie perfectly. It's hard to believe she is already 6 and going on 16! Can't wait to see what you have in mind for GG in August.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome recap! It seemed like everyone had such a great time!!!