Saturday, July 20, 2013

My girls can SWIM!!

I don't know how this just suddenly happens... but this was the day my girls started swimming!
They just decided it was time to start jumping off the diving board and tucking that head into the water and swimming to the side.  Gabs is doing it a full year ahead of Ellie.  She's always been my fish!
She asks me to make her a big tub of water every night so she can swim in it.  She usually doesnt' want Ellie in it, as it messes up her ability to actually "swim".  Ellie had lessons when she was about 2, but lazy mom has never enrolled poor ol Gabs.
Didn't seem to matter though, as she took to water like white on rice.
Belle is the funniest dog.  Paula would go throw out a raft and she'd jump in and float on it.  Ya know how dogs like to swim, but they have to dog paddle so long and get tired?!  Well, Belle has figured out that floating on a raft is way more energy efficient that dog paddling!
We finally got Gabs to stand on Brit's shoulders.... but she would NOT let go!

Ellie, on the other hand, was posing it rock star style with Emma Lou.
We're so lucky to have these big girls on our street.  They are so good with my girls.
One more month of this.  I sure do like summer.  It's less routine.  Less scheduled.
And this here mama would take less schedule any old day!!



Zhohn said...

They're growing up too fast!

Anonymous said...

Yay for swimming Groves girls'!!!!