Tuesday, July 30, 2013

80's night... The Molly Ringwalds

Night number two.  Can you tell the theme that night?!  Well, it was all about big hair, neon, and rock and roll tees.
I think Tashia looks pretty badass in the above picture!  Paula, in her side ponytail, looking more actual Molly Ringwaldesque.
I instagramed a picture of our group just before the big concert. Have I mentioned that Instagram is my favorite social media site?!  (melaniemomom) I put it right up there with Pinterest in the freakin' awesome category!!

So this is how big I could get my hair.  I am pretty disappointed in myself, because this is abotu a 5/10 compared the 80's.  But I have WAY less hair now too.
Tashia had gone by Target and grabbed everyone rock and roll tee shirts.
So, even the boys got in on this 80's swag deal.

The Mollys are out of New Orleans and play in north Louisiana several times a year, so we were somewhat familiar with them!
They were awesome!

I made my way, once again, to the stage.  I say, GO BIG or GO HOME!!
Please note Todd is not even AT this concert.  He is a lightweight!!  He, I do believe, is back at the room.  (He wanted me to say he was reading a book.)  HE WAS NOT!

Oh well... his loss.  We got to know our "hosts" really well.
I was a teen in the 80's so all of this is MY music!  We met a few friends who we ended up pushing our way to the side of the stage every day.

I thought this costume was PRICELESS!!  This is Magnum PI!!
And this is Marvin, the band manager, who ended up hanging out with the girls on the top deck by the pool and doing the island with us.
You just saw all kinds.  This couple and all their wild friends were seated next to our table at dinner.  A cruise ship is just small enough to sort of recognize everyone on board, and large enough to not run into them on a regular basis.
And then... back to the partay-zone.
Well, sort of.  Here is Johnnye stalking the lead singer!  ha.
WAIT!!  WHAT is that I see?!  Is that Todd the Bod?!
You know how you hear people marry their opposites.  Well, we should be a case study in that!!
ROCK ON!!  Tomorrow... Cozumel!


Jeni said...

Rock on!!! Love the pics. Going to see Ratt and Dokken in a couple weeks. Love the 80's. I don't think I will be able to get my hair as high as yours though. Need to find me some Aqua NEt hairspray

Zhohn said...

Oh my gosh, y'all are awesome! I'm jealous about the cruise, I was very bored on mine so ill have to keep a look out for special/themed ones.

Looks like y'all had a blast!

Holly said...

I think we just saw a glimpse of the future of Ellie Sue Groves on a cruise in 30 years!! That apple didn't fall far from the tree! She's your little mini-me!

Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Mama J said...

Why don't you try to relax and let go a little bit Mo..you looked so uptight. N O T!!!!

Living Life Large! Awesome!

Amy K said...

Love this! I'm all about the 80's! That looks like the ultimate night.

Anonymous said...

Love your 80's look!!!! I was a teen in the 80's too!! Fun times!!!

Shannon said...

Love that you live life so LOUD and LARGE!

Mary said...

Looks like so much fun!!