Monday, May 6, 2013

Tee ball practice

OK, here we go... a little bit of tee ball action.  This was the girls' first official practice game, and the first time they'd ever actually seen bases and a real game scenario!
I have uploaded a few videos for you to peruse and make fun of my southern drawl!

 Gabbi Girl had on a beautiful teal and red ruffled bottom number (ha!), so even if she didn't get on base, she looked DANG cute running those bases!

 It was actually super cold!
 I went to the car and brought back a blanket, because I was freezing my toes off!
 And as soon as practice was over, mom was right back to freezing!!
Who doesn't play ball in humongous bows?!! ha

Happy Tuesday.


Unknown said...

It's all about the fashion!! Even at t-ball. Ha ha!!!!

Cherry said...

Videos didn't show up...cute with big bows...

Rhonda said...

In the south we ABSOLUTELY play all sports in humungous bows!!!! When Savannah was their age, she played soccer for the Ladybugs and she this giant black/red bow with a big giant resin ladybug in the center!!! Game day bow, of course!!!

Becky said...

videos wouldn't work for me either. Are Ellie and Gabbi the same height - sometimes they look like it - then others it looks like Gabbi is much shorter. Last year my 2 grands played Tee Ball for the first time - you will enjoy it.