Sunday, May 5, 2013

Playing in the bathtub

Hello there, blog world.  Let me take a few to share some funny pictures of my girls.
Naturally, they take place on top of the counters.  That's pretty much where we live around here.
And Gabbi has learned the art of making faces.  While Ellie likes to make all kinds of expressions and pose with her deuces the majority of the time.

This one in particulare was worthy of instagrammine!  I LOVE Gabbi's face!
And all of these pics were taken just before my kids decided it would be a good night to take a bath in their bathing suits.  It was the end of the winter season, so I figured, might as well get the swimsuits out and pretend that we are outside in the pool.
They thought it was a great idea, and I got to live up to one of my affirmations, "I am a super fun mom!"
Another super fun thing to do is apparently to fill your mouth with water from the tap and see how much you can hold in your mouth without spewing it!

Ellie's struggling to hang onto hers right here!

I pretty much love Gab's face in this one too!!

Not so sure why Gabbi's face is COVERED in  make up which seems to be unphased by the bathtub!
I'm gonna have to go with she did this herself.  Especially the lipstick all over her forehead!
and last but not least, a big fat water spew from Gabs!
I guess by now, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you realize that we now have a kitten.  I will have to tell the entire story later this week!  I know NOTHING about kittens!  Or cats!  Does anyone out there have a cat AND a dog inside the same house?!  If so, how's that working for ya!?  Poor Lizzie... but my youngest baby child is CRAZY about this kitten, affectionately named Twilight Sparkles!  Isn't that a pretty name?!  ha  More on how this came to be later.  For now, nighty night!



Mama J said...

Bath time was always a fun time for my kids too...something about the splashing..whatever.

I am not sure about the kitty...they are sweet and cuddly and my daughter pleaded for one..but both Jenn and her dad had problems with allergies. I know they say doesn't matter if a dog or's the dander..but to this day, they can walk in a room with a cat and immediately have allergen issues. Not so with a dog..go figure.. Anyway...hope your babes AND Lizzie sail through with Kitty.

Sandy P said...

We have 2 cats and a dog. They coexist without any issue. The cats came first in our house. I bet given a few Weeks they will do fine. Lizzie is so laid back I bet they will be great.

Unknown said...

You ARE such a fun mom!!! My kids love baths in bathing suits too! Can't help with the cat situation, two of my kids have asthma and severe allergies to cats.

Dawn said...

We have 2 cats and 2 dogs here and they get along great. The youngest cat and the youngest dog will even play together! Give them some time and things will be great, you'll see! As for bath time.... looks like a great, fun time to me! You rock!

Amy K said...

Oh my gosh, this whole post is hilarious! Thanks for the Monday morning smiles!

Renee said...

I have 2 cats and no dogs. Cats are super easy and can take care of them selves. Just give them food, water and a litter box and they are good to go.

Kris said...

We were always dog people and had two dogs. One son wanted a cat and we got him one. No problems. Then one dog died. Our youngest was devastated and wanted a puppy for his birthday. Two dogs was a lot so we broke down and got another kitten. My husband says it is easier to clean two litter boxes than clean up after two dogs in the yard. She is the best and actually plays fetch better than any of our dogs ever did. The cats are much easier and have always been fine with our dog. Good luck!

Hallie said...

Cats are easy. They come already house trained. If you want to get an automatically scooping litter box, I highly recommend the Scoop Free. Cats, if you get the right one, can also be very loving and social. If you are going to keep her inside I highly recommend having her declawed. Hope you enjoy hervas much as I enjoy my two boys.

jmckemie said...

Baths in swimming suits for some reason is a big treat around here, too. Cats and dogs togther - seems to be the luck of the draw. First dogs - wonderful girl and a boy puppy. Brought in a kitten and the older dog and the cat hated each other. Had to keep them apart until they learned to tolerate each other, and all they ever did was tolerate - never liked each other. For the second dog it was always more of a "respectful distance" thing. A couple of years later after the older dog nad passed we got a second kitten and she and the dog took to one another like long lost friends. Really, seemed to be more about the personality of the cat than the dog - because the two cats definitely had different personalities. Cat are easier than dogs in some respects, though. You can leave them alone longer if necessary since they do not have to be let out to do their business. A word of caution, though - cats can become jealous and one way they show that is to "mark" inside the house. Once the grandbaby came along we ended up having to get rid of both of ours because of that issue - they would wait until you walked into the room and actually defiantly go on the sofa or the middle of a bed. Um, yeah, I don't think so. Love you, kitty, but there is a line and you just crossed it. I do still miss the little buggers, though, and hope they are still well and happy in their new homes.

Unknown said...

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