Thursday, April 25, 2013

Easter Morning part one

Since I haven't blogged in so long, it looks like I have a whole lot of things to catch up on.  In fact, I can't remember what I have and have not blogged about!  If you've seen this, just smile, shake your head, and say, "bless her heart"!!
I decided to be an Eater bunny over achiever.  Jin Jin used to do really fun things like this for us, so I figured it was my turn to make Easter a bit more memorable.
The girls awoke to Easter baskets, each with tape taking them all over the den and kitchen to find all their goodies.
Ellie's basket was on the right and she had to follow all the things along the green path.  Gabbi's path was the pink one.
I typically take the opportunity to pick up all kinds of spring clothes, flip flops, and bathing suits, and help the Easter bunny out by adding to their simple baskets with things I am sure they will be needing for the spring anyway.
The tape paths took them all over the furniture, up onto the wall, over tables, and eventually back to the fireplace where they had cute little neon sundresses!

If you follow me on Facebook, you might remember seeing this one photo of the event.
This picture might better show how completely insane the Easter bunny was!  Of course, neither kid really stayed on their track.  I asked Todd to help Gabbi, and I went along with Ellie, trying to keep them on course.
Ellie would just run from outfit to outfit, and once she found some high heels and a maxi dress, it was pretty much DONE!

Has anyone noticed how dang C.U.T.E. the shoes are at Payless right now!?  I got some super cute and really inexpensive shoes for my babies.

Here is the same ol twiggy arrangement that I use season after season. 

And I had all my springy decorations all over the house. 

And of course, the girls had the usual baskets full of candy, barettes, DVDs, knickknacks.

I surely do love being a mama.  I can't imagine if I'd never been able to do this for my children.  As so many of you who have followed my blog for a long time know... I dind't know if I ever would get to be a mama.  I had resigned myself to that fact, and would've been fine with just me and Todd.  But I sure am GLAD that God decided I needed to be a mama.  And to two girls.  At age 39! 
I love to spoil them rotten and do fun things for them. 
Have I mentioned I live in the high favor of the Lord?!  I do!
And just you wait.  I have Easter pics for the next four days!  Settle in... .lots of Easter coming your way! !


kimybeee said...

looks like a lot of easter fun!!! looking forward to seeing more of the celebration ahead!

Amy K said...

That looks like so much fun for them. You all are so blessed to have one another. God's plan was GOOD!
And, yes we've noticed how cute the shoes are at Payless....I have a 13 year old shoe hoarder! lol!

Zhohn said...

Love it! So happy you were sent two precious girls!

Unknown said...

You are such a fun mom!! I love it!!

Kristina said...

Our God is an awesome God who always knows the perfect timing for His plan. He knew that these 2 little girls were going to need a Mama just like you. Praise Him!

Sharidrew said...

You are such a cool mom! Your girls are so lucky to have you. And one day, they will do this for their children! Awesomesauce! And God is good all the time!

Hugs from Missouri,

Kris said...

I admit I was feeling like a slacker this Easter and now more so :) Next year I am doing this even though my boys will be 19, 17, 11, and 10!

Rhonda said...

I used to make a trail of plastic eggs all over the house for Savannah to get to her basket!! I can remember my own sweet mom hiding mine and my brother's Easter baskets when we were college aged, and we had to search the whole house to find the basket!!! Of course, now Savannah's baskets consist of expensive clothing and jewelry!!! Treasure the moments ~ time passes too quickly!!!

Theresa Shirley said...
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Theresa Shirley said...

Love it that you make such fun memories for them, just like your Mama did for you! Looks like they probably had a blast, and it's something they'll remember forever. And I missed your blogging, but I kept up with you on FB, so I wasn't too worried :). Always glad to "hear from you" though!

Holly said...

What great fun! Jin-Jin did an amazing job and what a blessing you are by continuing the traditions! You're a GREAT Mom!

Love Holly and JakeDog

Shannon said...

The 'hand' picture. LOVE the idea. Im assuming that's your grandpa? What's the tag say on it? the knob wall hanging for GG. Be sure and show how you hang it.

Anonymous said...

Ur girls are lucky To have u as their mama!!

The Mommy said...

so fun and creative!!!