Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Annual Easter egg dyeing with JinJin

And so it was again.... JinJin comes over and brings all the necessary tools for the big egg dye.
This year; however, she wised up and used whisks for the girls to dip until their hearts were content.
She had the ol' crayon for writing names and phrases.  Ellia, Allie, Ellie wrote her many monikers on her eggs.

Staci always acts like she is just going to help, but she totally gets all into it and paints as many eggs as the little girls do, I think.

I think I was responsible for covering the kitchen table, but when it involves yellow duct tape, I am all over that project!
It's something to see how my sweet baby Gabbi Girl has grown.  To see her doing all of this by herself now is really something.

These two punks are old pros!
Just ask them!!  They were doing ombre' and adding glitter and doing some multi color striping....

And I was just sitting back and capturing the whole thing on my smart phone.  Did you know I NEVER use my camera anymore?  NOPE!  Every photo I take is pretty much taken with my phone.  Just way too easy, ya know!
Sans make up.  And shampoo.  And day clothes.

I love traditions.  I love that I still remember the tradition of finding all of our Easter presents by way of poems and hidden treats all over the house.  In fact, I recently found one of the scavenger hunts my mom did for me.  ANd by the way, I was in COLLEGE!!  But we still came home for Easter Sunday, and to see what the Easter bunny brought us.  NOPE... not spoiled a bit!
I will have to post that poem.  And, I'll be sure and post how the Easter bunny left a trail for my girls to follow all over the house for their gifts this year too.

Oh that Gabs.  She is eat up with sweetness.
Ta daaaaah... the finished product.  All the girls got a dozen to do with as they pleased.
They filled their baskets, and went outside for a little egg hunt of their own.

I sat out in my cottage, my new "soul space" and made earrings and watched them from the window.  My awesome husband had a porch added onto the back of the cottage today, and might I say it is MOST fabulous.  It is down near the pond, so the view is spectacular!  I hope I actually get to spend some time down on it.
I like that my whole cottage is full of windows, so I can sit in there and work and see the baby girls in the yard playing.
And since I promised to "connect".... Yes, to all of you who wanted to know if crawfish were good.  And here is how you eat them...
You take the carapace off the tail by twisting it in the middle.  You then, pinch the tail to crack the shell.  YOu peel away the top layer of shell and bite onto the meat inside.  You can pinch the end of the tail so the meat comes out as you pull with your teeth.  Some people then suck the heads, because after boiling them, that is where the spices are.  I DO NOT.  That is also where the guts are.  Gag.
And I think, maybe, the texture is a little like lobster, but we don't dip in butter.  Rather, in a cocktail sauce.  It's a spicy meal, typically, and best eaten hot.  So, there you have it.  OH... and I love to see if I can get a little of the meat out of the claws too.  Dangit... now I want crawfish again!

See y'all tomorrow.



Dawn said...

I have to admit that the Easter egg adventures sound way more fun to me than crawfish! Just sayin and all. I'm sure it's an Iowa thing! :)

Amy K said...

Such a fun, creative girly time! I can't wait to read about the scavenger hunt.
Every time you describe your time in the cottage, I have to sigh. It sounds so peaceful and serene.

Unknown said...

We stole Jin Jin's wisk idea this year too! It made it so much easier!! Making memories that will last forever! Love it!!

Crystal said...

I usually dye as many eggs as my boys too. :)
I can't wait to see your porch!

Cherry said...

Can't wait to do all this fun stuff with my Sam...

Kris said...

Good times. Can't wait to see the porch.

Sharidrew said...

Ya, your description doesn't really make me want to try them! :) Although, when eating crabs, some like to "eat the mustard" and lungs which I consider disgusting! But oh how I miss my Maryland blues! Living in the midwest isn't great for seafood, that's for sure!

Since we are sharing, I was named the head varsity softball coach for the high school where we live. I'm totally excited!! It's a fall sport here, but I can't wait!!

Hugs from Missouri,

Can't wait to see the porch, too!

jenny said...

LOVE this post, Mel. I'm 53, no kids, and I still dye eggs every year. The bright colors just make me happy. This year, I also dyed some farm-fresh brown eggs, and they turned out really pretty too. All earth-tones: moss-green, mustard-yellow and kind of a burnt-orange. JinJin will have to give that a try next year!

Mary said...

I'm a bigger fan of the easter eggs than the crawfish too! I've never tried them!

Renee said...

Love the whisk idea. Never thought of that. Your cottage sounds like paradise on a nice breezy day.

Becky said...

I think that Staci likes to dye the eggs cause it keeps her inner child happy - that is what my mom who is 86 said when she did egges with my grandkids this year. Thanks for commenting on the crayfish - it just looks like you have to have a whole lot got get filled up - kind o like crabs. And we are going to try the whisk next year. Happy Day MO

Christy said...

Love the whisk idea!! All the girls are getting so big!!! Love all of the traditions you have... What great memories your girls will have.

charlotta said...

Thanks for answering my q about how you eat them.....I'm going to have to try it sometime just so I can mark it off my bucket list!